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We're featuring some of our partners this week on the blog. We begin with Lansing Urgent Care.

DocuTAP: Why urgent care medicine?

Lasing Urgent Care: We felt that we could do urgent care better than the competition and provide an excellent experience for the patients of the greater Lansing community. We also wanted to create jobs for our local region and provide a great place to work for employees where they truly feel cared about.

DocuTAP: How long have you been in business?

Lansing Urgent Care: nine years

DocuTAP: What do you enjoy most about providing urgent medicine?

Lansing Urgent Care: We really enjoy the satisfaction of being able to help a patient right away. We are proud that we have such a compassionate staff that makes every patient feel cared about and listened to.

DocuTAP: Describe an ideal patient experience.

Lansing Urgent Care: The patient would be warmly greeted by each and every staff member they encountered. Their visit would be mindful of their time but would still give them enough time to get all of their questions answered. The patient would feel listened to and cared about and would leave understanding their diagnosis and treatment plan. The patient would leave happier than they came in and tell their family and friends what a great experience they had.

DocuTAP: How does DocuTAP help your business?

Lansing Urgent Care: DocuTAP helps our business by making us extremely efficient. The use of DocuTAP's templates, order sets, and ePrescribing make documentation so quick that it allows us much more face-to-face time with the patient. DocuTAP allows us to provide superior patient care with very low wait times.

DocuTAP: What would you tell someone that hasn’t visited an urgent care center before?

Lansing Urgent Care: Urgent care is an excellent option for minor injuries and illnesses when you can’t get into your primary care provicer. It is approximately 700% cheaper than an ER visit and also much faster. With urgent care you will save time and money!

To learn more about Lansing Urgent Care, watch the video below.