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Want to stop fighting with disconnected systems that complicate workflows and frustrate providers? Want to future-proof your business with expanded service lines and a system that supports new opportunities? Want the power of an operating system built for urgent care?

Our urgent care software makes it possible.

Business Manager

When we joined Experity, everything was under one roof. The fact that the whole process is streamlined is very beneficial to us.

Because we’re a smaller practice it is verychallenging to have four or five, six different companies that you have to interface with in order to render services to a patient. When we joined Experity, everything was under one roof. The fact that the whole process is streamlined is very beneficial to us.

Claudia Kesselheim Delarosa
Business ManagerWellfast Urgent Care
4 Emerging Trends for a New Era in Urgent Care - Webinar - Featured Image


4 Emerging Trends for a New Era in Urgent Care

Watch on-demand to get the expert insights into changing patient behavior and how to improve your operations in the new era of urgent care.

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Expertise and Experience

How Our Urgent Care Software Drives the Future of On-demand Healthcare

Urgent care is transforming the country. Here’s how we help clinics play a role in every community.

EXP 2021 Icons Suite Adapt


We stay ahead of the curve to adapt to ongoing changes in healthcare. For everything from new regulations to new patient demands, your solutions are updated to accommodate changes in real-time as they happen.

EXP 2021 Icons Suite Add


Today’s patients want more. Meet their needs by offering additional lines of service like OccMed, telemedicine, and primary care.

EXP 2021 Icons Suite Replace


The demands for and of urgent care are greater than ever. Replace outdated business processes with an operating system built to meet your evolving needs with streamlined workflows, enhanced data accuracy, and improved charting speed.

EXP 2021 Icons Suite Balance


Urgent care is becoming the go-to choice for more and more healthcare needs. Balance visit types and increased volumes with workflow enhancements to ease staffing demands.

EXP 2021 Icons Suite Shift


Data-backed, continuous innovation allows you to shift toward flexible and risk-taking mindsets common in urgent care leaders.

EXP 2021 Icons Suite Trust


We’re more than a software provider; we’re a partner. With our urgent care software, you can trust that you have the tools, guidance, and intel to be disruptive and get big results.

Learn More For Your Business. Do More For Your Patients

Webinars, videos, white papers and more: put our urgent care and on-demand healthcare expertise to use for you

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Replacing your EMR feels risky. Learn how implementation should be tailored to minimize disruption and support a smooth transition.

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Explore pain points in the patient journey and how to address each for increased patient retention and better business practices.

How to Market and Diversify Your Services to Your Community

This guide presents data around generational healthcare preferences that help explain why patients are not choosing urgent care — and…

“By using Experity, we have gained many efficiencies. The system lets the provider spend more time with the patient and documenting is very simple.”

Rachel Westwood
CEO/Clinic DirectorOneStop Medical and Urgent Care

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