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Insight Urgent Care is a physician-owned and operated clinic that opened in July of 2022. Two months before opening day, they were still struggling to work their Athena EMR. They made the risky last-minute decision to learn another new EMR by replacing Athena with Experity.

The owners and staff learned the new system in record time, and was quickly able to use it to improve important metrics. Pleased with the results, Insight adopted several other Experity products and services. Some things the staff noted they like best about Experity includes:

  • User-friendly system
  • Reduced door-to-door time
  • Urgent-care-specific workflow removes bottlenecks
  • Self-explanatory for patients to pre-register
  • Patient feedback is positive, specifically around wait time and ease of pre-registration
  • Having urgent care experts on Credentialing and Contracting as well as RCM means nothing falls through the cracks and they know how to deal with the industry-specific issues that arise

Watch the video for more, or download the PDF for the full story.

Owner, Manager, Family Physician

From check in to checkout, everything is done in a way that flows very well

From check in to checkout, everything is done in a way that flows very well. So getting patients in and out in a timely manner is what [Experity] helps with the most.

Dr. Paul Nguyen
Owner, Manager, Family PhysicianInsight Urgent Care