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Tracking Visit Volume

Urgent Care Visit Volume Skyrockets with COVID-19 Surge

After a few months of historically “normal” summer visit volume, urgent care clinics are once again shifting into overdrive as a new wave of COVID-19 spreads across the country. Each week we will share the most current urgent care visit volume data available to help you plan your response.

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Last updated 10/12/21

47 Average Daily Visits Per Clinic

After a significant drop in daily volume to historically normal levels (approximately 27 visit per day), volume started to rise consistently in July. Currently urgent cares are seeing, on average, 47 patients per day. Visits per day have more roughly doubled since the three-year historic average pre-COVID.

COVID-19 Urgent Care Visit Data - Graph 1
COVID-19 Urgent Care Visit Data - Graph 2

25% of clinics on the Experity platform are seeing more than 60 patients per day

More than 2 percent of clinics are seeing more than 60 visits per day as of October 12 versus 5 percent during this date in 2019.

Visit Volume up 59% from pre-COVID levels

Combining traditional visits with COVID-related visits, total visit volume is up 59 percent from pre-COVID levels in 2019.

COVID-19 Urgent Care Visit Data - Graph 3

Urgent Care Resources for Fluctuating Visit Volumes

Check out some of our top resources to help urgent cares navigate increasing visit volume while maintaining a top-tier patient and employee experience.

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