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Tracking Urgent Care Visit Volume

Urgent Care Visit Volume Remains Above Historical Benchmarks as Flu Season Approaches

Visit volume is stabilizing across the country, but remains higher than historical benchmarks, with clinic seeing more patients per day than they did prior to COVID-19’s arrival in 2019. Sporadic and unpredictable regional surges continue to pose a staffing challenge. With cold and flu season on its way, we could see more ups and downs in volume in the coming months. Experity will continue to provide new data as it becomes available.

Last Updated 11/9/2022

43 Average Daily Visits Per Clinic

As we head into the last quarter of the year, urgent care clinics are seeing an average of 43 per day nationally – 48 percent higher than three-year historical benchmarks. Some clinics are seeing even more patients due to isolated COVID-19 and new variants.

Urgent Care Visit Volume - Figure 1
Urgent Care Visit Volume - Figure 2

19% of clinics on the Experity platform are seeing more than 60 patients per day

The percentage of clinics seeing more than 60 patients per day as of November 9 is 19 percent. At this time in 2021, that number was 24 percent.

Non-COVID visits at 87% of pre-COVID levels

Looking only at non-COVID visits, urgent care visits per clinic per day are down 13 percent from this time in 2019.

Urgent Care Visit Volume - Figure 3

Urgent Care Resources for Gaining Control Over Visit Volume and its Impact on Your Business

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