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The ability to benchmark, adjust, and prepare for the future depends on reliable industry data. As the leading provider of urgent care solutions, Experity is uniquely positioned to provide the industry with timely, reliable data and insights from urgent care clinics across the country. Check back frequently to stay on top of visit volume, COVID-19, and flu data as it continues to evolve.

Data last updated: 3/24/2021

Average Daily Urgent Care Visits
Visit volume is one of the most important performance metrics in urgent care. We’ve been tracking this key metric and comparing it to the three-year average over the course of COVID. Despite the virtual disappearance of flu visits, overall visit volume remains up over the three-year average at 16%. Nearly half (48%) of all visits in 2020 were new patients, giving clinics and opportunity to see continued growth.
See Figure 1
Average Weekly COVID Visits
The industry continues to see higher visit volume, even with a decline in COVID-19 infections. 27% of clinics are seeing more than 50 patients per day. With continued COVID testing combined with participation in the vaccine administration effort, urgent cares can continue to stay top of mind for both new and established patients. See Figure 2
Visits in a single day
Throughout the pandemic, urgent set industry records and secured its place in the healthcare ecosystem. Monday, January 4, 2021 was a record-breaking day for the industry. See Figures 3 & 4

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