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Tracking Urgent Care Visit Volume

Urgent Care Visit Volume Rising as Flu Season Kicks Off

Since the end of the PHE (Public Health Emergency), visit volume decreased significantly, appropriate staffing has been a challenge, and the economy and other external factors are sources of frustration. During the first three quarters of 2023, visit volume has remained below historical benchmarks, changes to payer guidelines are common, and claim rejections and denials are up from 2019.

Last Updated 11/30/2023

29 Average Daily Visits Per Clinic

Average urgent care visits per clinic per day have been below 2022 averages since the end of February 2023 with no significant peaks or valleys. So far through the third quarter, clinics are seeing an average of 29 visits per clinic per day versus 33 this time last year.

Urgent Care Visits per Clinic per Day in 2023
Nationwide Urgent Care Visit Volume per Day by Category

Flu activity remains low
through 3rd Quarter 2023

Urgent care clinics saw a small increase in the number of COVID-19, COVID exposure, and flu visits (an additional 3-4 visits per day) from late August through early September 2023, when volume began to drop off slightly.

Average Door-to-Door Time

While door-to-door times have dropped dramatically post-pandemic, staffing and other challenges
continue to be problematic for some clinics.

Door-to-Door Time Trend — Year Over Year

Door-to-door time for urgent care visits peaked at an average of 65-75 minutes in the fall of 2022, but since that time there has been a significant decrease. As of October, average door-to-door time is 55 minutes per visit.

Average Door-to-Door Time as a Percent of Total Visits

From 2020 to present, average door-to-door time was less than one hour for 57 percent of all urgent care visits, with 22 percent of visits from 31-45 minutes.

Urgent Care Visit Volume Data - E/M Weight

Average E/M Weights — Year Over Year

From a high of 3.6 in 2020, average E/M visits in Experity clinics dropped significantly in 2021 but continue to rise (3.48) in 2023.

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