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Tracking Urgent Care Visit Volume

Urgent Care Visit Volume
Consistent with Historical Average

Predicting urgent care visit volume has never been more challenging. But throughout the end of the first quarter of 2023, clinics are seeing volume trends aligned to historical averages. With the number of visits is flat, urgent care clinics are looking for ways to increase efficiency and make the most of the visits they do have. With accurate coding and a focus on treating higher-acuity patients, they can remain profitable. Experity with continue to take the pulse of the industry and provide updated data as it becomes available.

Last Updated 5/3/2023

31 Average Daily Visits Per Clinic

As we head into spring, urgent care clinics are seeing an average of 31 visits per day, consistent with the three-year historical average. Average visits per day down nearly 21% from the 2022’s yearly average. A spike in Norovirus in some regions during early January has affected average visits per day in insolated areas.

Urgent Care Visit Volume - Daily Visits per Clinic - Chart
Weekly Experity Visits per Clinic per Day with and without COVID test

Visits without a COVID-19 test are currently at 79% of Pre-COVID levels

Visits with a COVID-19 test continue to decrease over time. Nearly 79 percent of all urgent care visits do not include a COVID-19 test based on the seven-day rolling average.

Flu actively diminishing across the country

While flu activity is currently very low and not expected to spike, more than half of all patients seen per day were still presenting with respiratory, ear, and COVID symptoms; COVID exposure; or confirmed COVID throughout January 2023.

Urgent Care Visit Volume - Chart 4 - Visits per clinic per day by category

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