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How to Deal with Angry Patients in Urgent Care

Every business has to deal with dissatisfied customers. And in urgent care, the odds are stacked against you. The people...

Solving the Top Reason Patients LWBS: Wait Time

Wait time is the top reason patients LWBS in urgent care. Learn how to solve this with patient engagement.

Doctor’s Urgent Care Sees Immediate Improvement to Revenue Potential by Switching EMR

Learn how Doctor’s Urgent Care's challenges with Athena’s EMR system were solved by switching to Experity.

5 Effective Urgent Care Marketing Strategies

We've gathered the best marketing ideas shared by urgent care operators like you so you can boost business and best...

HIPAA: 4 Enforcement Discretions Expire With End of PHE

Learn about four Notifications of Enforcement Discretion that expired with the end of the public health emergency (PHE.)

6 Quick Tips: Managing Your Urgent Care After the End of PHE

The end of the PHE means regulatory requirements and reimbursement services have changed. Get tips on managing your urgent care...

Medicaid Updates: How Eligibility and PHE Changes Impact Urgent Care

Learn how the end of the public health emergency impacts Medicaid — specifically as it relates to urgent care.

Transitioning From Paper To Electronic Medical Records

How does an urgent care go from paper to electronic in a smooth manner? The switch itself is as much...

Urgent Care vs Emergency Room: What’s the Difference

While the ER is equipped to treat nearly any condition, choosing ER care over urgent care could mean longer waits...

Occupational Medicine EMR Software & Practice Management Tool

If you’re looking to increase profitability, Occupational Medicine (OccMed) can provide a consistent revenue stream all year. However, OccMed services...

An Urgent Care Business Plan – How and Why for Startups

If you think urgent care may be the right business opportunity for you, a solid business plan is critical. Learn...

High Acuity Patients in Urgent Care: Defining and Solving Acuity Degradation

What happened to high acuity patients in urgent care? Learn why acuity has dropped over time and how to turn...

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