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Urgent care is different. It demands solutions built for its unique space in the healthcare continuum. Here’s what happens when you use an urgent care EMR/PM built for you.

When Urgent Care EMR/PM Tools Do More For You, You Can Do More For More Patients

Spend more time doing what you do best — caring for patients. With Experity EMR/PM (Electronic Medical Records/Practice Management Software,) you’ll have the support of a solution that takes efficiency to a new level.

Emr Pm Repeater Icons Charting

Simplify Charting

Pre-built, complaint-driven logic allows you to chart 90% of the most common urgent care center visits in < 60 seconds with fewer clicks

Emr Pm Repeater Icons Workflow

Speed Up Workflow

Real-time chart updates across multiple users reduce friction and improve efficiency so you can see more patients

Emr Pm Repeater Icons Accuracy

Increase Accuracy

Automated tasks and calculations reduce the risk of error

Emr Pm Repeater Icons Performance

Monitor Performance

Actionable data guides decision-making and measures clinical, operational, and financial performance


Had I not used Experity from the beginning I would not have seven urgent cares in five years.

Before picking Experity, I researched a ton of EMRs. It came down to what Experity offers and how I have a team behind me. I am convinced, had I not used them from the beginning I would not have seven urgent cares in five years.

Charlie Heausler
OwnerFastAid Urgent Care
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Get Actionable Data to Inform Your Business Decisions

An EMR/PM System That Boosts Business Intelligence

On-demand clinics generate tons of data, but using it in meaningful ways is complicated. With Business Intelligence and reporting tools built into Experity’s Urgent Care EMR/Practice Management Software, you can access, visualize, and act on your data in ways that set you up for success.

Explore Business Intelligence


Get the Data

Dive deep into your clinical, operational, and financial data, accessed from anywhere

Nurse Clipboard

Reports and Visualizations

Customizable reports and data visualizations to help you gain true insight into the clinic

Doctor Chart

Actionable Intelligence

When you connect meaning to the numbers, you can make changes and maximize performance

Break Through Benchmarks to Get More Done

By continuously adapting its operating system’s features and functions to meet the changing needs of the industry and expectations of patients, Experity is the number one choice to improve your urgent care performance. Using an EMR software solution specifically designed for urgent care means you get all the tools you need and nothing you don’t.

  • Register patients in less than 2 minutes
  • Chart 80% of the most common visits in less than 60 seconds
  • Reduce the number of days in AR and collect 2x more payments
Doctor with EMR & Practice Management System

Thanks to Experity’s attention to detail, onsite support and white-glove approach, the platform rollout was seamless

To be honest – I thought it was going to be impossible to accomplish everything we needed to in the given timeframe. At the time we had approximately 20 locations, and it seemed like an insurmountable task. But thanks to Experity’s attention to detail, onsite support and white-glove approach, the platform rollout was seamless.

Joe Malzone
WellNow Urgent Care

We Make Switching Your EMR Easy

Thinking about replacing your EMR and concerned about how to do it without disrupting your business? We get it. We know upgrading can be tricky. That’s why we offer best-in-class onboarding and ongoing training, for a smooth transition with less friction.

Learn more about switching your EMR

Learn More For Your Business. Do More For Your Patients

Webinars, videos, white papers and more: put our expertise to use for you

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Simplify the EMR/PM Experience

Your EMR & Practice Management software shouldn’t be complex. We’ve developed a solution that focuses on you, so you can focus on your patients.

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