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Number of Locations: 10

Customer Since: 2013

RedMed Urgent Clinic is a dynamic urgent care group based in Arlington, Tennessee. Established in 2013, the company’s focus on people – both patients and staff – has been its catalyst for success. Under new leadership since 2015 and supported by Experity, RedMed has consistently expanded to 10 locations over the last decade.

This focus on people has enabled them to expand their footprint and service lines to become a best-in-class urgent care provider and a leader in the industry. Since a management change in 2015, patient volume is up 400 percent and RedMed employs more than 200 staff in the southeastern United States.

As their urgent care partner since the beginning, Experity has supported that evolution, not only with technology solutions, but by working alongside RedMed to help solve their biggest challenges with technology solutions, responsive support, and a commitment to their mutual success.

The Challenge

True Partnership with the Right Solutions and Support

When RedMed opened its first clinic, its leadership chose Experity (formerly Practice Velocity) as its urgent care business partner with big hopes for success. Unfortunately, conflicting strategies, communication misses, and poor accountability in workflow best practices had the management of both companies wondering if it was, indeed, the right fit.

RedMed decided to bring in a new leadership team in 2015, strengthening their partnership with Experity. The teams reviewed the challenges and were surprised to discover that the two companies shared the same values and vision for urgent care. They found that with some thorough retraining and ongoing support, they could have the efficient EMR/PM and operating system that would help their providers deliver patient-centered quality healthcare every day. And with new leadership, an open mindset, and a commitment to training, they found the common ground that laid the foundation for RedMed’s growth and success.

According to Amy McIntosh, VP of Operations, the relationship you have with your solutions provider makes all the difference. “You’re creating a partnership. You’re not just buying a tool.”

But the tools are also important said Ben Morris, CEO/ President of RedMed, “Best-in-class disjointed tools cannot deliver the experience integrated tools deliver from x-ray reads, to lab information systems integrations, to front desk workflows, to electronic patient registration. If those things aren’t integrated, there’s no way they can be as good as an integrated solution like Experity. It just can’t get there.”


Best-in-class disjointed tools cannot deliver the experience integrated solutions like Experity deliver

Best-in-class disjointed tools cannot deliver the experience integrated tools deliver from x-ray reads, to lab information systems integrations, to front desk workflows, to electronic patient registration. If those things aren’t integrated, there’s no way they can be as good as an integrated solution like Experity. It just can’t get there.

Ben Morris
CEO/PresidentRedMed Urgent Clinic

The Solution

Connected Technology and Service Focused on People

Since 2015, RedMed has expanded not only their solutions set, but a formula to stay at the top of the industry, achieve its goals, and grow from two clinics to 10.

According to Morris, “It’s a people business.” At RedMed, clinic directors are essential to the leadership of the business which is why management makes a tremendous investment in helping them develop their skill sets and supporting them. The management team exists to support the success of RedMed’s clinic directors, which Morris says is a defining characteristic of the culture.

Morris considers himself the head coach and servant leader. “My role is to get great people on the team, to invest in their leadership skills, and to give them the tools and the support it takes for them to be successful. I figure out how to help them find the excellence that they have within them,” he said.

This commitment to people extends to patients. Everyone at RedMed is committed to patient care, and they also count on the Experity operating system to help them deliver efficient healthcare, measure and adapt to trends on a clinic and company level, support revenue growth, and achieve all their goals.

RedMed uses Experity’s full suite of products to deliver the best experience possible for patients and staff. The urgent-care specific solutions are deeply integrated into everything they do. “The integration of the tools is critical,” said Morris, who believes that aggregating best-in-class tools that don’t talk to each other will never be as good as the experience you can get with Experity’s connected operating system.

Reducing Door-to-Door Time

According to Morris, The RedMed staff can spend quality time with patients because Experity’s documentation tools flow sufficiently well to achieve that.

“Our goal is to get patients in and out in 45 minutes or less,” said Austin Loden, Marketing Manager. Using the operating system sets everyone at RedMed up to achieve this goal in 86 percent of visits.

Jade Laughter, LPN, said the EMR has a very easy flow. “It guides you through what you need to ask so you don’t miss anything. Everything is in there. And because it is urgent care-specific, it keeps out extra information that is not pertinent to our care. That is how we’re able to get the patient in and out quickly.”

She also likes the integrated options available for charting. “It keeps the paperwork down. Experity just makes it so easy to provide information to the patient in one document,” said Laughter.

Using Experity Patient Engagement simplifies workflows for staff and keeps patients moving through the clinic according to Loden. “Patient Engagement makes it easy to put information into the system and alleviates double work for staff. As soon as information is in the system, we can get patients in a room to be triaged, seen by a nurse, and cared for by a provider. Their issues are addressed fast, and they’re cared for as efficiently as possible and out the door and back to their homes.”

And time makes a difference according to Jana Call, Clinic Director/Family Nurse Practitioner. “I have seen five to seven minutes shaved off our check-in time using the patient engagement tool.” They’re able to get patients signed in sooner, in a room sooner, and document sooner — which leaves more time to actually engage with the patient.

Laurie Duncan, VP of Revenue, says it also lifts some of the stress off the staff.

Empowering Leaders to Make Better-Informed Decisions

Experity’s Business Intelligence (BI) also contributes to RedMed’s success. According to Morris, “The reporting that we get from Experity is the cornerstone of all of our management decisions. It gives us insight into all the key financial and operation trends of our business. All of them are essential to being able to keep our hands on the steering wheel of the business.”

Just as important, BI saves RedMed time. “They can ask the question of the data and it gives them not only an answer, but the ability to dive deeper with just a click of a mouse to find deeper answers without hours and hours and hours using spreadsheets,” said Morris.

With BI they can easily drill into a specific clinic, compare one clinic to another and compare clinicians. This gives them the insight they need to make management decisions about allocation of resources, allocation of staff training time, and back to the top of what RedMed’s about – investing in their people.

Morris continued, “If we have a tool that can help us invest in our people better and quicker, then that’s a good tool.”

Duncan uses BI every day to analyze the numbers from different perspectives. “The BI tool has allowed me the opportunity to dig deeper into the data more quickly to support the staff in different ways. I can tailor what I need to look at based on the needs of my staff, clinic directors, and the office managers. I can have it much quicker at my fingertips.”

According to Loden, “The tools that Experity provides allow us to home in on trends to see what we can do to improve patient visits and the patient experience.”

The Results

A Partnership to Deliver Best-in-Class Care

RedMed and Experity have developed a mutually beneficial partnership that is based on clear communication and a common vision focused on people – all supported by an operating system built for urgent care.

Snags in the early days led to a great relationship. “When Experity leadership leaned in and said, ‘we can help solve this and here’s how we’re going to do it’, it made sense to give it a try,” said Morris. “Their time and commitment was quite honestly unreal and unbelievable – that a two-clinic problem child was worth all that effort.”

Today, RedMed delivers best-in-class care, and continues to evolve with the industry with the full support of Experity’s teams. According to Morris, “They’ve given business advice and connected me to other industry resources and peers that might help. That’s not selling software. That’s a commitment to our success.”

Experity’s Operating System makes it possible for them to deliver on their promises to the people that count on them. According to Duncan, “Everyone on the team has everything at their fingertips that they need to do their job and make things smoother and quicker, which results in a better patient experience and also a better staff experience.”

Final Thoughts

With Experity, RedMed was able to:

  • Increase patient visits by 400% since 2015
  • Reduce door-to-door time by 20% in three months (86% of patients are in and out in 45 minutes)
  • Manage increased pandemic visit volume
  • Reduce patient registration time by 5-7 minutes
  • Achieve above-average E/M coding through accurate documentation
  • Lower DSO from 40+ to 30+ days
  • Quickly identify challenges and act on trends
  • Improve the patient experience
doctor using a stethoscope on the back of a patient