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Staff: 17+

Number of Locations: 1

Customer Since: 2010

WellFast Urgent Care was founded in 2006 by two ER physicians with a vision to provide quick, high-quality urgent care at a fraction of the cost of an emergency department visit. As the WellFast clinic quickly grew, it began to add more robust offerings (and lots of new customers).

Looking for an urgent care partner to help support their rapid growth and additional service lines, the WellFast team found the solutions they needed—and more—with Experity.

The Challenge

Choosing the Right Partner

Four years into scaling the business, it became clear to the Wellfast team that their rapid growth and expanded services lines meant it was time to switch from paper to electronic records. Having never used an electronic medical record (EMR) or practice management (PM) solution, co-owners Dr. Manuel Delarosa and Claudia Kesselheim Delarosa began to evaluate different technology partners for a solution that could be implemented quickly, and with a minimal learning curve.

Top on their priority list was a solution that worked the way they worked, closely aligned to their business practices, but electronic. They needed something that was easy to use and could connect their medical records, billing, teleradiology, and other processes without sacrificing speed and accuracy.

Interfacing with different companies and products to provide exceptional patient service could also be challenging in a more manual environment. The right solution would help their clinic manage diverse healthcare demands across a community of military personnel, ranchers, and local families, while effortlessly meeting the OccMed needs of its large employers.

Owner and Business Manager

With Experity, everything is under one roof. I have one point of contact today.

A lot of people have terrible stories going from paper to electronic, but it was easy for us. I’m probably one of a handful of people who can claim that, but most of that came down to who we were working with on the Experity side.

Claudia Kesselheim Delarosa
Owner and Business ManagerWellfast Urgent Care

The Solution

Scaling the Business with Connected Software and Services

After evaluating different healthcare technology vendors, WellFast chose Practice Velocity (now Experity) because its EMR and PM were purpose-built for the urgent care industry. The straightforward solution fit its practice and seamlessly connected visit documentation with claims. The selection team also believed Experity offered them an easier transition based on how they were documenting at the time.

The transition was even simpler than they expected. “A lot of people have terrible stories going from paper to electronic, but it was easy for us,” said Claudia Kesselheim Delarosa, WellFast Owner and Business Manager. “We didn’t have any hiccups, so it was smooth sailing. I’m probably one of a handful of people who can claim that, but most of that came down to who we were working with on the Experity side.”

From the beginning, Experity increased the clinic’s operational efficiency and improved its OccMed services—something that can be notoriously complex for providers. “One of the holes we commonly see in occupational medicine is a lack of clear communication between the employer, practice, and insurance adjuster. Employers want to know, ‘What happened to my employee?’” Kesselheim Delarosa explained.

“An employee goes into a practice, is treated, and then the employer has no clue about the outcome,” she continued. “Experity eliminates that.”

Over time, WellFast added additional Experity solutions, such as Teleradiology and Billing, to streamline all their processes into one integrated operating system.

The Results

Building Successful Relationships that Last

Relationships are the heartbeat of the WellFast clinic and with Experity, its providers can build relationships with their patients and OccMed customers while keeping their staff happy and supported.

Experity makes it easy for the clinic to provide a connected, friction-free experience from registration through discharge. According to Sharayne Stone, Assistant to the Business Manager, electronic registration is fast and simple for patients and staff. “We input the patient’s information and get results back in one or two minutes. Experity speeds up our process a lot—and that makes patients happy.”

Superior OccMed functionality also helps WellFast build and maintain good relationships with its business customers. “We hear from employers that it’s very easy to work with us. They get medical records and work status notes as soon as the doctor signs off on the chart. It’s been very helpful,” notes Jennifer Ladlee, OccMed Specialist.

As for its day-to-day practice, Dr. Manual Delarosa feels confident in the quality of care WellFast delivers to patients.

“Patient care is our number-one mission and with Experity, we can put our focus on the patient. Most people who come into the clinic turn around and say, ‘Thank you, Doctor,’ which is really rewarding,” he shared.

Today the relationship between WellFast and Experity continues to grow even stronger. According to Delarosa, one of the best parts of working with Experity is its people. “Experity is devoted to making its clients succeed. We’ve been a customer for over 11 years and have grown both our business and relationship with them. The Experity team is more than just our business partners—they’ve become friends.”

Final Thoughts

From converting from paper records to digital to ensuring connected functionality for efficiency and accessibility, Experity has helped WellFast improve its operations, expand its service lines, empower its staff, and become a vital, dynamic resource in the community.

Above all, the benefits of Experity to its employees have held the biggest value. Kesselheim Delarosa sums it up best: “Anytime you can give an employee a tool to do their work more intuitively and faster, and have someone to call when something doesn’t go right, you’re going to have an employee who’s going to be happy.”