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Staff: 20-30

Number of Locations: 3+

Customer Since: 2019

Urgent Care Omaha (formerly UC Network) opened its first location in Bellevue, Nebraska in 2009. After two years of success, they opened Rockbrook Urgent Care in Omaha, followed by a second Omaha location, Crossroads Urgent Care, in 2016. They deliver urgent care 365 days a year and also provide occupational health services.

Watch the video to learn more, or download the PDF for the full story.

The Challenge

Transition to Digital Records

With new technology available, Urgent Care Omaha wanted to maximize efficiency and expedite internal processes by transitioning all medical charts and billing from paper to electronic. They knew they needed a partner that not only provided an effective product suite, but also offered the extra support required as a new digital convert.

After the initial launch, Urgent Care Omaha believed software designed for larger health systems would better help them reach their goals, but less than a year after implementing the new software, they realized the benefits of software built for urgent cares’ fast pace and boomeranged back to Experity.

“Working in healthcare, and specifically in urgent care, presents a variety of challenges that you have to face day in and day out,” said Michelle Mertz, owner of Urgent Care Omaha. “And as the industry evolves, you have to have the right partners in place to take on those challenges.

We needed a software provider that had an intimate knowledge of the urgent care space and supported our mission to provide the highest level of service possible for our patients. After seeing another provider firsthand, we knew that Experity’s suite was the best option for our clinics.”


Experity was simply made for urgent care clinics.

They understand the business and know exactly what we need to succeed.

Michelle Mertz
OwnerUrgent Care Omaha

The Solution

Choosing the Right Partner

As a first-time EMR/RCM purchase decision-maker, Mertz found it difficult to decide which software would work best for Urgent Care Omaha. She knew the clinic had to upgrade from manual, paper-based processes to improve efficiency but deciding on a partner was difficult.

When Mertz initially connected with an Experity sales representative, she was impressed but was still on the fence. The wrong partner could have catastrophic ramifications on the business trajectory, so the decision was not made lightly. That’s when she received an email from Experity’s leaders to set up an onsite meeting with Mertz about the clinics’ needs.

“When I had that in-person meeting, Experity earned my trust right away,” said Mertz. “The entire team there genuinely listened to my feedback and answered my questions directly. I was impressed that the company CEO had that kind of passion for his clients, and after talking to him, I knew that we would choose Experity as our software partner.”

The Results

Strong Support Drives Implementation

Implementation was smooth and Mertz felt fully supported by the team through the entire process. Urgent Care Omaha was able to convert from paper to electronic records in a few weeks and began using the new software immediately.

“When I needed to talk to somebody, I could pick up the phone and have my question answered,” Mertz explained. “Sometimes vendors will have their customers leave a message and return it two or three business days later I felt fully supported by my implementation team every step of the process.”

After several years with Experity, Mertz opted to switch to a provider that traditionally served hospitals. The new software looked good, had all the latest bells and whistles, and gave the impression of enhanced capability. But as the transition began, so did the challenges.

Mertz found herself in a complex implementation process, conducted over the phone, without the personal touch she’d enjoyed with Experity.

Eight months after implementation, Mertz discovered a troubling problem that led to the end of Urgent Care Omaha’s relationship with their new provider—a glitch in the billing software that led to patients receiving multiple statements for the same visit. Hundreds of patients received, and sometimes paid, multiple bills two or three times.

“This was completely unacceptable and required us to make another change in provider,” said Mertz, “We realized we needed a partner that worked primarily in urgent care and understood our needs.”

Mertz chose to switch back to Experity to get the efficiency, service, and significant financial benefits she enjoyed during their business relationship.

“With Experity’s EMR and RCM, we estimated that we captured approximately 10 percent more revenue than with the previous provider,” Mertz said. “For an independent business, 10 percent could make the difference between expanding to new locations and closing shop completely. In a very competitive marketplace, that amount of revenue makes a tremendous difference.”

After years of working on Experity’s platform, Mertz believes the greatest benefits of the software are the same factors that motivated her to utilize it in the first place: speed and accuracy.

“When our clinics operated on paper, I knew we had to digitize to grow our business and improve the patient experience with faster service,” Mertz said. “I realized firsthand the value of accuracy when our interim provider made costly billing errors and I found myself manually correcting mistakes that the software made. Combing the efficiency of Experity’s urgent care-specific EMR and practice management software with the accuracy of its RCM has significantly reduced the workload on myself and my staff.”

Patients also benefit with shorter visits and a seamless, accurate billing process.

Final Thoughts

Whether converting from paper records to digital or replacing a substandard software, Urgent Care Omaha found a solution in Experity’s platform that met their needs and improved their clinics.