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Staff: 395+
Number of Locations: 2
Customer Since: 2013

Pentucket Medical is a multi-specialty group practice with two busy urgent care sites that provide health care services.

The Challenge

Scheduling Management and Wait Times

In 2013, they were a top-performing practice, but still struggled with patient satisfaction issues, including:

  • An inability to directly measure wait times
  • Incorrect wait times estimated by front desk staff
  • Patients who were unable to manage their own wait experience
  • Day-to-day fluctuations in wait times

We now have effective tools for managing expectations and giving patients the information they desire.

Now, our patients can not only see how long their wait time will be, but they can sign in to the queue online and essentially avoid the waiting room altogether.

Garrett Bomba
Medical DirectorPentucket Medical

The Solution

Converting Online Visitors into Paying Customers

Experity Patient Engagement converted visitors to the Pentucket web properties into patients through reservations made online. Over 50 percent of patients who clicked on a “skip the wait” link made a reservation before leaving the site or visiting a competitor’s site.

Reservations made online grew by 200 percent over a 12-month period, accounting for more than 15 percent of total patient volume.

Breakdown of the percentage of online reservations by device.

Solutions Used

The Results

Increasing Patient Retention and Loyalty


Cancellations went from 268 patients to 174 patients over a six-month time period, reducing the cancellation rate by 35 percent. This reduction in cancellations alone accounted for over $25,000 in additional annual revenue.


Pentucket experienced growth in new patient volume from both reservations made online as well as walk-ins. However, patients making online reservations grew at a faster rate.

Additionally, the percentage of returning patients making online reservations was substantial, as shown in the chart to the right. Patients making reservations also smoothed the peaks and valleys in volume, helping to make operations more efficient.

Final Thoughts

  • 68 percent of all patients had a wait time of less than 10 minutes.
  • On average, wait-time accuracy was predicted within less than 1 minute.
  • The average wait for patients with reservations was 5 minutes and 9 seconds, while the average wait time for walk-in patients was 10 minutes and 43 seconds.
  • When asked how likely they were to recommend Pentucket to others, patients responded with an average score of 9.5 out of 10.
  • 90 percent of online patients said the reservation feature influenced their decision to choose Pentucket Medical.