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Number of Locations: 1

Customer Since: 2019

On Dmed Urgent Care opened in January 2019 in the Chicago suburb of Homewood, Illinois with the goal of providing efficient and reliable care locally. They offer a full array of urgent care services for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses as well as pediatric care, physical exams, x-rays, lab tests, vaccinations and women’s health services. The team at On Dmed believes that hiring the right staff members and equipping them with top training and latest technology tools will lead to a higher standard of care for their patients, making the company’s selection of a software partner critical to its core mission.

The Challenge

Speed, Usability and Scalability

On Dmed Managing Partner, Michael Weiss, and General Manager, David Weintraub, had two key prerequisites for a potential software partner as they planned to open On Dmed: First, a partner that could implement the software in a condensed timeframe of five weeks. (Typically, companies will ask for six to eight weeks for implementation). Second, easy-to-learn software that would make scaling the business beyond the original location as efficient as possible.

“In order for us to get our first location off the ground, the software had to be easy to learn,” Weiss said. “We knew from the beginning we had plans to scale and ease of use would be imperative for rapid and efficient growth. As a small business owner, it’s important to know that our partners understand our business and show a willingness to meet our unique needs.”

From an operational standpoint, Experity has provided everything we need to make the clinic successful, We have complete trust in each of their software solutions.

David Weintraub
General ManagerOn Dmed

The Solution

The Key is Customer Service

The first vendor Michael and David spoke with had a “clunky” product that reminded them of the poor user experience generally associated with hospital software. They also lacked the customer service and implementation expertise to meet On Dmed’s deadline. After that disappointing initial consultation, the team at On Dmed realized they needed to find a company with a long track record of success to meet their expectations and fast-approaching launch date.

Fortunately, their initial industry research led them to a conversation with a sales representative at Experity and they were immediately encouraged by the feedback they received.

“When we told Experity we planned to launch in five weeks, we expected to receive push back, but the opposite was true. Our sales rep leapt into action and outlined how we could make our timeline happen,” said Weintraub.

“We knew right away that Experity was on the same page as us and would make implementation as seamless as possible. Their willingness to work on an accelerated timeline also proved they were willing to listen, would work well with our team, and understood what it takes to succeed in the urgent care space.”

The Results

Successful Launch and Template for Expansion

With the first location thriving after a smooth implementation, On Dmed is considering options to expand within the next year, knowing they can use their experience launching the Homewood location as a template for future locations. Even before the first clinic opened its doors, the team knew they aspired to expand to multiple locations in a relatively short period of time. To make that growth plan a success, Weiss knew he needed a “plug and play” software solution that allowed for an easily repeatable business model.

“Experity was the answer to every question I had when we decided to open our first location,” Weiss said. “They had a 360-degree solution that a new clinic can implement in a short time because the platform is so user friendly. When we opened in February 2019, our staff had every tool necessary, and they felt extremely comfortable using them.”

Final Thoughts

Since opening its first location, the On Dmed team has felt increasingly confident that Experity was not only the right partner to launch one clinic but will be the right partner to help them expand and achieve operational excellence with each subsequent location.

“Before we had begun our search, I had outlined specific expectations I had for a software partner, and I can say that Experity has met or exceeded each and everyone every step of the way,” said Weiss. “Opening a business takes a complete team effort from everyone involved, and from the time we engaged with Experity, they have supported our business goals and made our jobs easier than we thought possible. I truly appreciate the simplicity of working with one vendor that can provide everything my clinic needs to succeed.”