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Number of Locations: 7

Customer Since: 2022

Established in 2017, Compcare began as a small concierge mobile clinic, bringing occupational medicine services to employers in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. But as their success grew, they quickly realized that patients were looking for expanded, modern, convenient healthcare options, and opened a brick-and-mortar clinic to meet that community need. Since that time, they have opened six additional locations with an emphasis on OccMed, urgent care, and physical therapy — but they also offer many additional services to meet their patients’ changing healthcare needs. In 2022, they transitioned from Athena Health’s EMR solutions to Experity, to take their business into the future.

The Challenge

A Scalable PM/EMR Solution for Their Modern Approach to Healthcare

Compcare was extremely successful with their first venture into healthcare, taking OccMed services to their business clients. When it was time to expand, they wanted to ensure they could be just as successful in delivering urgent care that focused on innovative, accessible, and expeditious care for their patients. According to Gia Rendon, COO and owner of Compcare, they wanted to provide a “modern approach to medicine, making it more efficient, while still keeping quality of care a number one priority.”

And according to Gia, the right EMR solution is central to their successful operation. “The EMR impacts our day-to-day workflow, keeping things really on track, keeping things organized, keeping our staff in the know, and facilitating communication between different parties that are dealing with the same service point.” She also noted that it helps behind the scenes, to speed up billing processes and increase coding accuracy. Having that quicker turnaround for revenue is central to their ability to operate.

Compcare Urgent Care - Front Desk Patient Check In
Chief Executive Officer

I really saw the value in Experity…they’re more in line with what we do and how efficiently we operate compared to other EMRs

I really saw the value in where Experity’s going in the technology aspect. I think they’re more in line with what we do and how efficiently we operate compared to a lot of the other EMR solutions where you’re just another client.

Cooper Rendon
Chief Executive OfficerCompcare Urgent Care

The Solution

A Comprehensive, Integrated Operating System and Fast Implementation

Before committing to Experity’s EMR solution, the Compcare team shared their concerns about a quick implementation. “I really needed this to be pushed quickly,” said Cooper Rendon, founder and CEO. The organization had critical acute issues with their current vendors, primarily surrounding coding and billing, and they needed to make the change right away.

Experity was able to escalate the implementation timeline due to highly committed teams on both sides and Compcare’s team was training on the system within about 30 days. “We were able go live within about 60 days or less from our actual introduction,” Cooper said. Experity understood what we needed done and was as flexible as possible. “That really helped us,” he continued. They were able to reduce the time without payments and negative impacts to their billing cycle.

And according to Christine Lesch, Practice Manager at Compcare, the transition was quick and smooth. “We were able to train people to use it very fast, so we were able to switch over pretty quickly.” There were of course a few questions, and things to set up, but Christine said they were successfully working in the system within a couple weeks.

Implementing a new EMR solution is always a scary thought, Christine said, especially at every location in an established practice. They had some difficulties with the EMR solution they were using. According to Christine, “We were having to utilize many different websites in order to accommodate the daily needs of our clinic.” Experity’s integrated operating system minimized the need to switch between systems. “For the occupational medicine side, when we scan in a patient’s documents, Experity brings up a page and we can send an email straight from there instead of going to another website to fax and email.”

healthcare professional looking at Experity’s website on desktop

The Results

The Right EMR Solutions and Partner for a 21st Century Urgent Care Practice

After only a few months of partnership with Experity, Compcare has seen an improvement in their workflows, billing, and processes. They’re noticing a lot fewer errors than with their previous platform and fewer complexities in getting the job done. “That just goes a show that obviously Experity is investing in the R and D, and making a quality product,” said Cooper.

“We’re really modern in the approach that we take to patient care and business-to-business operations,” said Cooper. He wants to provide a hassle-free environment where patients are comfortable and at ease, and he believes that process has a big effect on achieving this goal. “Now our processes — from checking in to the visit to discharge — are really quick and simple. You have quality time with your doctors. It’s not a rushed environment.”

Everyone at Compcare is committed to making sure that patients are welcomed and that they know they have easy access to affordable healthcare. According to Cooper, to be successful, they are focused on making urgent care more of a retail experience where patients come in, they’ve already checked in, they have a very short wait time, and they see friendly providers. “Tell patients their costs up front, get them seen in 45 minutes or less. That’s the big goal.”

“I really saw the value in where Experity’s going in the technology aspect,” said Cooper. “I think they’re more in line with what we do and how efficiently we operate compared to a lot of the other EMRs where you’re just another client.

Experity definitely wants to build the best product, and they’re definitely headed there. That’s why we decided that it was important to partner with a company that was going match where we will be in five years — Technology evolves. Right? And it gets better. We plan to continue using Experity to help us do that.”

Final Thoughts

With Experity’ EMR Solution, Compcare realized the following benefits:

  • Urgent Care and OccMed-focused workflows
  • Quick implementation
  • Shorter training
  • Increased PM accuracy
  • Better billing processes
  • Partnership for the future
Pediatric Patient - Compcare Urgent Care - Case Study