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Number of Locations: 1

Customer Since: 2019

OneStop Medical opened its independent and privately-owned urgent care location in February 2019 to provide Alachua, Florida and the surrounding area convenient, high-quality healthcare in a patient-friendly setting. The VA-authorized urgent care provides a wide range of services in addition to basic urgent care including labs, X-ray, occupational medicine, and vaccines.

Founders Cheryl Perry and Rachel Westwood wanted to build an on-demand healthcare organization that was efficient and offered a better patient experience than the typical emergency room.

The Challenge

Choosing the right software and resources for a successful startup

The OneStop medical team wanted a software partner that knew urgent care, supported efficiency, and created a more enjoyable patient experience with shorter wait times and painless billing processes.

“Medical records and billing software built for large health systems would not work for us,” said Westwood.

“Software providers that tout the latest and greatest features and the ability to do everything can be too complicated and inefficient—especially in a streamlined urgent care model. We needed a partner that matched our mentality and emphasized speed.”

Because OneStop was building its clinic from the ground up, time to learn and implement the software was also a challenge. Building construction, proper licensing, and hiring a staff limited their time. They needed a turnkey solution that the staff could learn quickly and easily while juggling the multitude of responsibilities associated with launching a new business.

At implementation, they truly took the time to walk us through everything we needed to know and set us up for success…Customer support like that is hard to find.

Cheryl Perry
FounderOneStop Medical

The Solution

Finding all the answers in one place

The team at OneStop initially consulted with a credentialing company but realized early in the relationship the company would not provide what they needed—a partner that understood urgent care inside and out and provided strong customer support essential for a startup.

Perry and Westwood reached out to Experity and asked about a potential move to their platform.

Experity was known as a best-in-class industry solution and they knew they would benefit from the company’s depth of experience and knowledge.

After just one conversation, they knew they had found a partner that not only could handle the credentialing process with ease but would provide all the other must-haves for a successful urgent care operation. That all-inclusive quality made Experity an appealing option that would simplify the OneStop’s operations.

“When I saw the quality of Experity’s customer service and how eager they were to answer my questions, I knew they would make the perfect partner to solve all of our operational needs,” said Perry. “Navigating the startup process presents many challenges along the way. We knew we would increase our odds of success if we partnered with Experity because they know how to handle industry-specific challenges and put their customers in a position to achieve operational excellence.”

The Results

A successful business partnership from day one.

After attempting to through the tedious process alone, OneStop realized Experity could help with contracting. The experience paid off, and the clinic had signed contracts in hand soon after the partnership right away.

According to Westwood, “They helped us complete a contract with one of the largest payers in the state that we never would have secured without their inside knowledge and expertise.”

A simple, streamlined user experience made it easy for the OneStop staff to learn the software and open its doors with confidence. Experity’s user-friendly EMR and practice management platforms translated to short wait times, increased accuracy, and easy billing.

Months after the clinic opened its doors, the team at OneStop reflected on their experience and acknowledged the working relationships they built with the Experity representatives were just as important as the capability of the software.

“We had questions about nearly every aspect of the process before we opened the clinic, and our team at Experity answered every one of them,” said Perry.

Final Thoughts

After meeting with Experity and seeing the software and services solutions working together, OneStop knows they made the right choice.

“Having all of our software under one roof has worked better than we could have imagined,” said Westwood. “We know exactly what to expect from our software every day, and we know we can rely on Experity’s outstanding support in any event. As a business owner, that confidence gives you a great sense of stability that makes running the business much easier.”