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Staff: 170+

Number of Locations: 50

Customer Since: 2013

Regional Brands:

Urgent Medcare (AL), Peachtree Immediate Care (GA), Patients First (FL), Patriot Urgent Care (MD)

CRH is the brainchild of co-founders, Andrea Malik Roe and Bill Miller who saw a promising business opportunity in the expanding urgent care market. They came into the market with entrepreneurial ideas about doing urgent care differently and to scale—building one company with regional brands. With more than 50 clinics across the country, CRH delivers quality urgent care at the point where consumers, retail, and healthcare intersect.

As their partner, Experity has helped expand their knowledge and fill in gaps with the right people, processes, and technology for growth and success.

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Scale their business quickly across 50 clinics

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Replicate processes to leverage efficiencies systemwide

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Improve the patient experience

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Speed up charting

The Challenge

Leverage Operational Excellence Driven by Business Insight for Rapid Growth

To hit the ground running and in the right direction, Andrea and Bill knew they needed the right EMR/PM attached to a team of urgent care experts.

They had experience propelling high-growth companies to success and believed they could build upon their knowledge to develop a profitable business operating model in the urgent care space. What they were missing was a partner that understood urgent care, operational workflows, and optimizing to scale.

According to Andrea, “We really knew the industry very well from a macro perspective, what we had never done was actually run an urgent care. We really wanted to rely on a partner that had been there and done that, and who understood the workflow better than we ever could.

They were also clear that access to timely operational data was a key to making informed decisions and driving company wide efficiencies. They chose Experity because it was built by urgent care experts that understood operational workflows, the need for efficiencies, and could deliver the data to help them drive their business.


If you’re looking for a partner that’s going to make you more efficient, that’s going to help you improve your centralization of everything, and ultimately improve your patient satisfaction scores, I would highly recommend giving Experity a first look.

Dr. James Yost
CMOCRH Healthcare

The Solution

Implementing a Built-for-Urgent Care Global Operating System Consolidation

CRH’s business model is built around acquiring existing urgent care centers and consolidating operational efficiencies and data to optimize company-wide performance.

From day one, the organization began to implement Experity and convert existing clinics to new EMR software. Although implementing new software can often be a challenge, new users were receptive to the change and adapted quickly. CRH found that because Experity is intuitive and built for urgent care’s primarily episodic visits, it’s easy to teach. Onboarding new providers can be done in one to two days.

According to PA Courtney Stevens, “The different tabs and the amount of information that you’re putting in, turning from red to yellow to green, makes it easy to teach and train on.” After onboarding, users found their new EMR intuitive and efficient. Experity’s EMR allowed them to fluidly work through exams in a way that made sense.

“Speed and efficiency are important to the core tenants of our business. The Experity software solution delivers that in spades,” Andrea noted. CRH clinicians that switched to Experity’s urgent care-specific software from less specialized systems really liked the ease and speed of the charting system in Experity.

“It used to take me about four or five minutes to complete a single chart,” said Chief Medical Officer, Dr. James Yost. “Now, with the Experity’s Chartlet feature, everything’s on one page. I can complete my average chart in about 45 seconds.” CRH was also able to improve their bottom line by speeding up billing and balance their staffing needs.

“We were able to reduce our FTEs in billing. We very quickly pulled our Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs) on our AR down by 10 days using the credit card preauthorization feature,” Andrea Malik Roe, President and Co-founder.

In addition to a built-for-urgent care EMR, integrated practice management, billing features, online registration, and reporting provide the company with valuable insight into individual clinic and systemwide operations. They use Experity’s dashboards to see where they are in real time. The reporting features allow them to calculate revenue more accurately on a transaction-level basis. As a data-driven business, they depend on their ability to run any type of metric they want to see and slice it up in ways that make sense for their operation.

“We have the dashboard, the insight, the data, and the knowledge that we need to drive the business, all coming out of one system,” said Andrea.


CRH’s mission, “To deliver the perfect patient experience every time,” requires people and technology that put engagement front and center. Experity’s integrated system helps CRH connect with patients, boost engagement, and improve operations in alignment with that mission. According to Tim Kiss, VP of Marketing, “Experity really allows us to connect with the patient online.”

Using an API from their website allows CRH to track a patient— not just that they’ve checked in, but where they’ve checked in, and where the contact was initiated. From that point, they continue to track time of front desk check-in, when and how long they’re roomed, and the time of discharge. This allows the CRH teams to understand the patient experience at every step of the journey.

According to Kiss, “These metrics allow us to understand which clinics have too much time between check-in and registration. It helps us to understand which front desk staff probably needs more training and which are superstars. That’s very important to us because we’re a fairly analytical company and it really gives us the ability to understand what we need to put our efforts behind.”

This reporting helps CRH identify the small ways they can improve their processes and make changes. By improving little touches at every step, CRH’s Google ratings have risen from 4.1 to 4.8 since they started keeping track two years ago.

The Results

Dynamic Growth and Optimum Efficiencies through Beneficial Partnership

The right technology can support systemwide efficiencies and streamlined operations, but the right business partner works alongside you to help you achieve your goals.

With Experity, CRH found a partner that understood the urgent care industry and its unique challenges, delivered technology solutions allowing them to quickly scale their business with consistency across all clinics, and fortified their efforts with responsive support from day one.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when patients were anxious, the ability to deliver a good patient experience illustrated the importance of partnership. CRH and Experity were able to work together to integrate electronic registration and telemedicine options to continue to see patients and reduce risk.

Patients were able to register electronically, receive a response within 15 minutes, and follow-up with an option for a telemedicine visit through Experity’s solution – an amazing experience for patients in difficult circumstances.

According to Andrea, partnership is a two-way street. “We push Experity to be better and to improve – to make things faster, more efficient, and easier for the clinical team in the centers. And at the same time, Experity is pushing us whether we’re growing, trying new products or beta testing things for them, and providing feedback.”

Final Thoughts

For Andrea, Bill and the CRH Team, the relationships and the human interaction have been the best part of working with Experity.

With Experity, CRH was able to:

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Scale their business quickly across 50 clinics

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Replicate processes to leverage efficiencies systemwide

EXP 2021 Icons Telerad Primary Care

Improve the patient experience

EXP 2021 Icons PE

Speed up charting

EXP 2021 Icons TR

Reduce FTEs

EXP 2021 Icons RCM

Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs) by 10 days

EXP 2021 Icons Telerad Urgent Care

Reduce turnaround time for labs by 80% (down to 24 hours from 5 days)

EXP 2021 Icons EMR

Increase the number of online registrations