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17 clinic locations
Opened in 2008


321 staff members

Patient Volume:

30,000 patients per month (195 patients per day at the most-visited location)

Uses full DocuTAP platform, which includes:

DocuTAP Customer Since:


Company Profile

Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC) was founded in 2008 by Dr. Matt Bruckel with the belief that patients should have access to fast, friendly, and affordable healthcare as an alternative to the ER. Ten years later, TAUC is the fastest growing and highest rated urgent care group with 17 locations and plans for a total of 40 locations in the St. Louis, Missouri market. The adept team of emergency medicine and family practice physicians provides high-quality healthcare and treats 30,000 patients monthly, with the most-visited location seeing upwards of 195 patients per day.

TAUC specializes in the medical treatment of any acute injury or illness for infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, elderly, and geriatric patients. A full array of occupational medicine treatments are also provided. With state-of-the-art onsite Digital X-ray, CT Scan, Ultrasound, EKG, and laboratory assays, TAUC offers most of the services of a low-acuity emergency department.


When TAUC opened its doors in 2008, patient experience and workflow were key to success. As the ongoing shift to on-demand care permeates the healthcare industry, TAUC delivered a seamless experience for patients and staff to ensure top-notch care is accessible and affordable. TAUC needed a purpose-built EMR and PM to operate in such a hyper-competitive space. TAUC also needed to streamline RCM processes to minimize frustration for patients and increase efficiency for employees. Additionally, TAUC required an infrastructure that supported rapid growth and has added 15 sites in the last five years with plans for even faster growth in the future.

Solution / Approach

Aware of the inherent challenges in the on-demand healthcare space, Total Access Urgent Care looked to implement best-of-breed solutions that could address every need. This included effective and user-friendly EMR, PM, RCM and patient engagement solutions. A top priority for TAUC was to align with a trusted business partner who could provide necessary tools to run a successful urgent care practice, but also counsel them on ways to grow and improve the organization.

TAUC implemented DocuTAP’s EMR and PM solutions for its first clinic in 2008 and has since adopted the entire suite of DocuTAP solutions and services. This included switching from third-party billing to in-house billing, utilizing DocuTAP’s PM, as well as adopting patient engagement solutions through Clockwise.MD by DocuTAP in 2013.


With DocuTAP, Total Access Urgent Care has seen:

Improved Revenue Cycle and Front Desk Efficiency

The change that has made one of the biggest impacts for Total Access Urgent Care was switching from a third-party biller to in-house billing using DocuTAP’s PM solution. This improved the efficiency of front desk staff and has been a benefit for patients as well.

“The cost of healthcare can be a critical determiner of a family’s financial security. For patients who are underinsured or have a high-deductible plan, DocuTAP allows us to offer a Self Pay option that deeply discounts services up to 45 percent. Self Pay patients have the benefit of insurance-level discounts and can receive their final bill at checkout,” said Dr. Troy Dinkel, Chief Operating Officer at Total Access Urgent Care.

Dr. Dinkel also explained how much staff and patients appreciate DocuTAP’s integrated real-time verification (RTV) feature. Patients are very often concerned about insurance eligibility and acceptance; RTV allows TAUC to immediately notify patients that their insurance is active.

DocuTAP makes it easy for Total Access Urgent Care to train their front desk employees to not just check in patients, but collect patient balances at checkout—something that typically falls to the billing department. This seemingly small change has made their billing department stronger and more efficient, with an additional 85-90 people collecting balances across all offices. The dispersed responsibility effectively alleviated workloads for billing and front desk staff resulting in increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

With DocuTAP’s reporting software, Total Access has the ability to receive daily reports on front desk efficiency to determine where improvements can be made. Whether it’s data on how often copayments are collected, on-site medications purchased, or the accuracy of inputting patient information, TAUC now has a formal system to monitor performance and update operations accordingly.

Patient Experience

Following implementation of Clockwise.MD by DocuTAP, Total Access Urgent Care has seen improvements in check-in to check-out times, and have been able to reliably get patients in and out in under an hour.

Dr. Dinkel added, “DocuTAP helps tremendously with our goal to register, evaluate, examine, test, counsel, treat and discharge patients in less than one hour 85 percent of the time. Clockwise.MD enables our patients to check-in online, which helps us forecast patient volumes at each location. With this level of foresight, we can proactively shift our resources and staffing as needed, moving physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or medical technicians to serve the patients where they arrive.”

What’s more, 20 percent of Total Access Urgent Care’s new patients use Clockwise.MD. “Clockwise.MD has been a tremendously valuable tool to consistently engage with new patients in a way we couldn’t before. This improved engagement drives more patients to our facilities and improves the rate of patients returning for future healthcare needs.”

In partnership with DocuTAP, Total Access Urgent Care has become the highest rated local healthcare system on Google. “Our 4.9 rating out of 5 stars from more than 1,900 reviews on Google is virtually unheard of in the healthcare industry,” said Dr. Dinkel.

Efficient On-Boarding During Rapid Expansion

Since the first day of implementation, Total Access Urgent Care has experienced the benefits that urgent-care tailored EMR and PM solutions provide. By adopting user-friendly software that can be tailored to fit specific needs, TAUC has seen vast improvements to business operations. Forms can be accessed quickly and are customizable, so staff can focus on patient care versus documentation. As new employees join Total Access through expansion, onboarding has been seamless because of DocuTAP’s easy-to-use EMR.

“DocuTAPs’ EMR is user-friendly. As we continue to grow and hire new staff (especially during busy periods like flu season), it’s vital that the systems are intuitive,” noted Dr. Dinkel. “We do not have the luxury of wasting time with extensive EMR training—our employees must hit the ground running and DocuTAP simply makes that transition easier than with any other EMR.”

Trusted Business Partner

Particularly with a rapidly growing business, domain-specific advice is crucial for success. As Total Access Urgent Care expanded from one to 17 sites, DocuTAP’s consulting services were leveraged to improve and scale operations.

Dr. Dinkel commented, “DocuTAP is more than a software vendor—they are a trusted partner. DocuTAP has helped us make critical business decisions and gain the crucial analytic insight necessary to be successful in the ultra-competitive on-demand healthcare industry. In the near future, we will expand our practice to a total of 40 locations and DocuTAP’s capabilities will greatly facilitate this growth.”

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