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We’re featuring some of our partners on the blog this week. We continue our Q&A series with PhysicianOne Urgent Care.

DocuTAP: Why urgent care medicine?

PhysicianOne Urgent Care: There are a number of benefits to Urgent Care clinics:

  1. They are a great place for patients to get treatment for a variety of non-life or limb-threatening conditions on their terms.
  2. They can serve to alleviate patient load within emergency departments, so EDs can focus on true emergencies.
  3. They are a great alternative when you primary physician is unavailable or their offices are closed.

DocuTAP: How long have you been in business?

PhysicianOne Urgent Care: The three founding physicians of PhysicianOne Urgent Care have over 20 years of experience in the medical field and over seven years owning and operating Urgent Care clinics. They are proud to have been the team who opened the first urgent care practice in Connecticut to be accredited and certified by the Urgent Care Association of America and accredited by The Joint Commission.

DocuTAP: What do you enjoy most about providing urgent medicine?

PhysicianOne Urgent Care: PhysicianOne Urgent Care takes great pride in its practice of evidence based medicine, its patient first philosophy, providing a cost effective alternative to the Emergency Room, and being a convenient alternative to primary care physicians during off or peak hours.

DocuTAP: Describe an ideal patient experience.

PhysicianOne Urgent Care: Our ideal patient experience is having our patients leave knowing their care and well-being was our top priority.

DocuTAP: How does DocuTAP help your business?

PhysicanOne Urgent Care: DocuTAP has been a great partner to PhysicianOne Urgent Care since we started. They have helped our growth by modifying the EMR/PM side of the program to fit our needs. It is an EMR software that is easy to navigate, easy to learn, and user friendly.

DocuTAP: What would you tell someone that hasn’t visited an urgent care center before?

PhysicianOne Urgent Care: If you are in need of immediate but not emergency medical care, visit your local urgent care. You will experience high quality care – without a long wait. Most clinics don’t require appointments and accept the majority of insurances. They are usually open 365 days a year with extended hours. Just walk-in!