Three Questions with Coding Intern Tessa Weeldreyer

DocuTAP U is a great transition between graduation and a full-time job for students who need hands-on experience within their career fields. This internship provides a fun and educational experience where students can gain valuable skills needed for the future.

Why did I apply to DocuTAP U?

The main question that I was asked multiple times before and during this internship is, “Why did you apply to DocuTAP?” As I pondered that question, I realized my answer is fairly complex. I first heard about the internship from Paige Pearson Meyer at a mock interview. I thought it was a great idea so I filled out all the paperwork, but I hesitated before hitting the final submit button. My professors were also contributors helping me make the decision to apply. They spoke very highly of DocuTAP and encouraged me to give it a try. Not only were Paige and my professors very convincing, I also applied because I have no experience in healthcare and internships are a good stepping stone to get started. I have the above-mentioned people to thank for guiding me to this awesome internship that will jumpstart my career.

Why are internships important?

Before coming to DocuTAP, I worked in the Career Services office at Dakota State and learned that participating in internships is important. Internships are a great way to get started with a career without being thrown into training that can be overwhelming.

“I believe that what you learn in college is more to prepare you for tests rather than learning what you will do daily with an on-the-job training experience.”

For example, I was taught front-end coding while in college; however, some places like DocuTAP perform back-end coding, which I was not at all prepared to do. If not for this internship, I would not have been exposed to a different type of coding. Those are just a few reasons why interning is important and such a great experience for students.  

What did I learn?

Because I came into this internship with no experience, I learned something new every day. During NEO (new employee orientation), I learned a great deal about the company and how every department is connected in a way to ensure the business is thriving. My departmental focus was coding, where I was taught how the specialists work each encounter to ensure the codes and information are correct so insurance companies will accept the charges. I felt like a full-time employee because I was given multiple projects to help the coders with their weekly workload. The coders did a great job giving me a variety of work to do so that I wasn’t doing the same reports day in and day out. I was also ingrained with the knowledge of how important the small projects can be. Even if they seem meaningless, they still have value and are necessary to reach the end goal. Not only did the internship teach me work ethic, it also showed how work can be a fun environment. We had parties, team-building activities, and educational lunch events that made this internship a fun and rewarding experience.  

How it affected me?

I foresee this internship affecting my career path in a great way. It was an eye opener for the real-world experience of coding from a different perspective. I can at least say I have a little experience now compared to when I had none. I have met and worked with some amazing people and the memories made during these ten weeks will be cherished. Putting this internship on my résumé is something I feel honored and blessed to be able to do because I am hoping that this internship will open doors for me to new opportunities for my future career path.  

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.