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Overcrowding in the emergency department continues to be a problem that strains healthcare resources and diminishes the patient experience. This is extremely relevant to our industry because many of the ED patients could be treated at urgent care — in a fraction of the time.

This news is especially frustrating when visit volumes are low and dependable revenue like a heavy flu season don’t pan out as usual.

While it seems some hospital healthcare professionals are trying to promote urgent care when they can, the onus is on those in urgent care to communicate what a relevant and appealing alternative it is to the ED.

Drawing patients out of the ED will help bolster revenue.

For any of these things to gain traction, you need to communicate to your communities that you offer these services. There are a lot of ways to market today, but what’s best for what audience? What does a smart marketing campaign include? How do answers to these questions influence the type of services you should provide?

This guide walks you through insights and data that can help you best serve your community while increasing business long-term.