Hello there! My name is Julie Yang and I spent my summer as a project management intern at DocuTAP. Ever wonder what it’s like to intern at DocuTAP? Here’s a snapshot of a day in the life of a project management intern.

07:45 – Arrival at the office:

First thing I would do is:

  • Check email.
  • Check my priority list of projects to complete.
  • Check calendar for meetings for the day.

08:00 – Clockwise Implementation Meeting:

  • Meetings are the priority and life of a project manager.
  • Meetings are 75 percent of what encompass a project manager’s day here at DocuTAP. (This is no surprise as what a project manager does is 90 percent planning and communication and 10 percent execution.)
  • In today’s meeting, the topic is the integration of DocuTAP and Clockwise and going over the project plan and any new updates.

09:30 – Project Proposal:

  • Today, I am presenting to Nancy, my Navigator (fancy word for mentor), my proposal for a project I started that deals with asset accounts.
  • Nancy had me look at the asset accounts and product family names in an unbiased manner or as Nancy puts it, “with green eyes”, to see if there is any need to improve the functionality of the accounts.
  • Nancy and I concluded we should talk with Brooks (Director of Data Analysis) and Brooke (Sales and Marketing Analyst), as they would have the most to contribute to the conversation about the functionality of asset and product family accounts.
  • If this proves to be a priority task, we’ll get started on a project plan.

10:15 – Intern Blog Informational Meeting:

  • I scurry down to the meeting room Lovelace to meet with Melissa (Senior Content Writer) on blogs interns can write.
  • Melissa walks me through what two blog topics they had in mind and allow me to choose which one I want to do.

11:30 – Contract and Credentialing Metrics Project:

  • I call Marley, a Contracting and Credentialing Specialist.
  • She walks me through a few of the functionalities of the project.
  • We’ll fill in the details later.

12:00 – Lunch time!

“We work hard, but we also play hard!”

01:00 – Project Management Team Shenanigans:

Jay, one of the project managers usually has a jingle for everyone on the team. For Nancy, he would go, “Nannnncyyyyyy!” and Nancy always answers back without fail: “Jayyyyy-bayyyy!”

  • One of the best things about the project management team: Although we all have a busy schedules and hard days, we don’t lose our sense of humor.
  • If I could sum up the Project Management Department in one phrase, I would say, “We work hard, but we also play hard”.
  • We live on third floor, which has a nice open space next to our department (all if not most of the big company-wide events take place here
  • We’re also connected to the second floor so we get a lot of traffic with people traveling back and forth. Many stop by to chat for a bit to take a break from their work (and grab chocolate from Nancy’s desk). A lot of people do that here. It’s nice to be able to get up and move around for a bit and not get so bogged down with work all day long!

03:00 – Break time!

  • I run to Coffea, a coffee shop nearby to grab an iced Chai and to get out of the office for a bit.
  • Precisely around this time when I get back from my break, I hear the familiar sound of a Nerf gun reloading echo through second floor into third floor.
  • Pop! Pop! Ah! Someone’s shot! Series of laughs would erupt from down below. I hear the Support Department is notorious for such behavior.

04:00 – Balancing projects and intern duties:

  • This is usually the time I take a break from all other project management related projects and focus on intern duties I have.
  • Writing blog post drafts.
  • Brainstorming ideas for the assigned executive board presentation all interns must do at the end of the internship.

04:30 – Sign off and head home:

  • I take one last pass at emails and meetings for tomorrow before I leave.
  • Since a few of us gals and Nancy are leaving at the same time, she offered us a ride to our parking ramp. This saved us a walk in the scorching sun. Ride off into the sunset towards home.

There you have it folks! Life as a Project Management Intern at DocuTAP. 

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.