Intern Insights from Intern Jake Rogers

DocuTAP is an awesome place filled with even more awesome people. As an intern, I have only been exposed for a short time, but it far exceeds the expectations I had going in. The people who I encounter and the culture that has been created, along with the actual work I am required to do has all come together for a great experience. I can honestly say that every day I have either learned something new, got something done, or some combination of the two. On that alone, I would recommend this internship to anybody interested. But what happened in my third week here really blew the top off for me.

The third week of our internship, my fellow interns and I, along with some new hires, had the chance to sit down with Eric McDonald, DocuTAP’s founder and CEO, to learn the history of the company. The talk was much more than a timeline of DocuTAP’s meteoric rise, but also entailed practical life and business advice from Eric. It was a genuine moment and the lessons we talked about are something I will try to keep with me as I move forward in my career and life.

After the talk was over, he sat with us and answered our questions for 20 minutes without ever seeming rushed or in a hurry to leave. Now I’m not Eric’s secretary, but it doesn’t take too much sense to imagine he had better, more important things to do at that time, but you would have never guessed it by listening to him. The experience left me asking myself, “How many places could I have worked this summer where I would have had the opportunity to sit down with the founder and CEO of the company?” Outside of this opportunity with DocuTAP, the honest answer to that question is probably zero.

Technically, I am the finance intern, but I have not made one dollar calculation in my time here (you won’t catch me complaining). Instead, the majority of my work was helping with different steps of the DocuTAP and Clockwise integration process. Some of it was tricky, but it has been a real blessing and I have learned much more than I expected.

To anyone reading who wants to learn a cool aspect of Microsoft Excel look up forecasting functionalities and prepare yourself to be blown away. Me being exposed to the forecasting capabilities of Excel is a perfect example of work experience I more than likely would not have received in school. With that in mind, the aspect of this internship that I have enjoyed the most is what my manager, Brooks Pidde, has exposed me to. Brooks let me tag along with different members of the analytics team here at DocuTAP and I have been exposed to everything from collection processes to reporting mechanisms. It’s been really cool to see data analysis in real-time as well as what data points DocuTAP looks for and how they judge their performance based on the information they gather.

I feel that my ten weeks at DocuTAP will serve as a springboard for the rest of my career. I don’t know if I will ever find a place as fun or with people this great, but the lessons and aspects of work I have been exposed to will most definitely be taken with me in my career.


To anyone reading, I would absolutely recommend interning at DocuTAP for all the reasons mentioned above, but if all that doesn’t move the needle for you then there is always Beer Fridays!

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.