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Revenue Cycle Management & Billing Services

Optimize your revenue.

Get paid what you’ve earned.

Complexities around urgent care coding, billing, payer contracts, and compliance often prevent clinics from getting the reimbursement they deserve. It shouldn’t be so hard to get paid. Work with our team of experts and a slate of RCM service options to make billing easier—and help you optimize your revenue. And with Experity’s proven track record of success, you get peace of mind, too.

Best practices improve results
(and keep you compliant).

Our RCM experts use smart solutions and best practices to stay on top of your revenue cycle and reimbursement for your urgent care center. Consistent standard operating procedures and an incentive to be efficient result in fast, clean collections, and give you more control and scalability.

Leverage our contracting and credentialing experience.

Payer contracts determine how much you get paid for urgent care services. We can help you navigate negotiations—and understand the fine print. Get connected to the networks that make sense and receive fair reimbursement with guidance from our Contracting and Credentialing team before you see your first patient.

  • Research payer plans
  • Process applications
  • Design fee schedules and contract language
  • Negotiate or review contracts
  • Complete provider enrollments

Know the score.

You need the right data to optimize your bottom line. With your monthly RCM Scorecard, you get full transparency into the metrics. See where you are—and where you should be. As our partner, you’ll always know the score.

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Experity has figured out urgent care. They figured out how to bill appropriately, accordingly, and accurately. That is my biggest worry as the owner, to do everything accurately. That is what Experity has really nailed. And I appreciate it so much.

Michelle Mertz Urgent Care Omaha

By switching to Experity, we were able to decrease the amount of time it takes to get our reimbursement from the insurance companies by about 15 days. We have also been able to increase our billing by about 10 percent.

Michelle Mertz Urgent Care Omaha

What’s made me happiest about working with Experity is confidence. Confidence that I know what should be happening is happening. I know that the accuracy is there. I know that if something is not going right, someone is going to catch and fix it before it becomes a problem. Experity has my back and it’s one less thing I need to worry about.

Michelle Mertz Urgent Care Omaha
Michelle Mertz - Urgent Care Network
Michelle Mertz - Urgent Care Network
Michelle Mertz - Urgent Care Network


The Giant eBook for Urgent Care Billing and Operations

In this industry, getting patients in and out fast is your biggest priority. But to be successful, it’s just as important to manage your billing accurately and efficiently. In this eBook find tips for billing non-credentialed and non-contracted providers, common missteps, best PM practices, and 10 important KPIs you should be watching. Be sure everyone involved in your billing and coding is committed to accuracy with the help of this eBook.

Optimize your revenue.

Let’s talk about expedited reimbursement.

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