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Download a Quick Guide to Urgent Care Billing Metrics

How to Check Your Urgent Care Vital Signs

Continuous improvement will always be a goal for your clinic. And while that applies to the patient and even staff experience, you won’t have an operation to improve without tending to your revenue cycle.

That’s why choosing the right metrics to measure is so important. KPIs help you understand your organization’s health. Accurate revenue cycle metrics lead to better decisions for urgent care owners — but only if you know how to calculate them, track them, and adjust processes to improve results.

This KPI cheat sheet clearly defines ten foundational revenue cycle management (RCM) metrics, how to calculate them, and how to track them. With this guide, you can expose your blind spots and make meaningful improvements to your billing process for a healthier urgent care practice.

Here’s an example of what’s inside:

urgent care billing metrics - Average Revenue per Visit

Download the guide now to improve your billing outcomes and continue to grow year after year.