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In this industry, getting patients in and out fast is your biggest priority. But to be successful, it’s just as important to manage your billing accurately and efficiently. This eBook will provide essential tips for billing non-credentialed and non-contracted providers, best practices and 10 KPIs you should be watching.


Billing for Non-credentialed and Non-contracted Providers

A frequently asked question in the urgent care industry is whether or not a practice can bill and receive payment as an in-network provider for a clinician (physician or mid-level) who is new to the practice but not credentialed or contracted with the clinic’s health plans.

10 KPIs to Watch in Your Urgent Care

KPIs are the vital signs of your clinic. Similar to a patient exam, these metrics help tell the story of your urgent care’s overall financial health. Poor  KPIs  serve  as  warning   signs   of business issues that need to be addressed. With this data, owners are empowered to make wiser decisions regarding staffing, services offered, and process improvements.

Seven Common Missteps in Urgent Care Coding and Billing

Reimbursement is the lifeblood of your clinic, so don’t  wait for problems to happen. Be proactive and look out for these common missteps in billing and coding to help your clinic receive the reimbursements you’ve earned.

Best Practices for Using Practice Management Software

Let’s examine some best  practices for using your urgent care’s Practice Management (PM) software during the patient check-in and check-out process.