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The Ultimate eBook for Urgent Care Billing & Operations

Whether you outsource billing or handle it in-house, there are many things within your control that can help improve your bottom line. See what our experts say about these practices that impact your financial health.

EXP 2021 Icons RCM

Billing for Non-credentialed and Non-contracted Providers

Get answers to frequently asked questions about how to handle billing for non-credentialed and non-contracted providers

EXP 2021 Icons Data

10 KPIs to Watch in Your Urgent Care

KPIs are the vital signs of your clinic and help tell the story of your urgent care’s overall financial health. Learn what to measure and how to measure it.

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7 Common Missteps in Coding and Billing

Learn the top missteps urgent cares make in coding and billing and how to avoid them. Help your clinic receive the reimbursements you’ve earned.