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Practice Velocity customer Iberia Urgent Care in New Iberia, La., is tapping in to a timely service bringing Halloween safety to the community.

The urgent care center is open Halloween evening to X-ray candy, giving parents an immediate option for checking the safety of their children’s haul. This can be a great marketing tool for your urgent care. Provide the X-rays as a free service; keep your clinic open after hours on Halloween night; and get the word out through local media, on your social media sites, and on your website.

It’s also a great idea to offer your community Halloween safety tips through your various media outlets. FastMed Urgent Care released a “Ten Tips for Happy not Hair-Raising Halloween”, reminding parents of costume safety concerns, appropriate footwear, safety while out in the dark, and other holiday pointers.

Finally, keep your urgent care clinic open Halloween evening for minor injuries that could occur. Sprains, trips, and other aches are likely for trick-or-treaters, and your clinic should be prepared to see an increase of such visits.



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