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Urgent care administrators might not be treating patients, but they do their own kind of life-saving. After all, without them, the doors to the urgent care center basically can’t stay open. Being an urgent care administrator comes with a unique set of challenges that keep the job pretty interesting. But that’s what makes the job so great, right?

Here are 10 things only urgent care administrators will understand:

1 – When a payor insists on a case rate contract, you know they’re not really interested in a full-service urgent care center that truly can divert emergency department patients. Instead, they want to save money by only paying for the most basic services offered in an urgent care center.


What do they think you are, a retail clinic?

2 – When payors make mistakes in paying contracted rates, they always underpay.


Can’t they make it rain just once?

3 – Adding additional receptionists and/or medical assistants will rarely fix slow patient flow, but adding additional providers will certainly improve the issue.


Yes, let’s add the most expensive FTE to fix our problem. That’s a fantastic idea.

4 – Patients never thank you for missing charges, but they sure will let you know if a charge is added by mistake.


Yes, we have a whole department dedicated to slipping in fraudulent charges. You’ve caught us.

5 – When a patient asks you to bill them for a copay, you know you’re never going to see that copay or deductible.


Too bad bills don’t get paid through wishful thinking.

6 – A great urgent care EMR is the secret to having happy providers.


Making them chart on the wrong EMR was like watching someone try to eat soup with a fork.

7 – The secret to closing claims 2-3 times faster? Get that pre-authorized credit card at the time of service.


Your urgent care billing team thinks you’re THE BEST for implementing this financial policy.

8 – If you hand the patient their medications before they pay their bill, the patient is way more likely to immediately walk out the door without paying.


Waiting to ask for payment is such a great cardio training plan, though.

9 – In the northern United States, people stay away from urgent care centers during rainstorms but flock to urgent care centers during snowstorms.


Maybe they’ve seen “The Wizard of Oz” a few too many times.

10 – Explaining days in A/R to a smart doctor is harder than explaining to a teenager why they can’t go to that kegger.


Like, we know you have the potential.

Urgent care administrators certainly face a unique set of challenges, and sometimes the best way to deal with those challenges is to laugh about them. After all, the challenges we face make it so much easier to appreciate the wonderful parts of life, like how being an urgent care administrator means helping people feel better every single day.

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This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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