Physician Advisory Council + DocuTAP = The Best EMR Software for Urgent Care

Physicians bring a valuable perspective to the development of DocuTAP. Because the EMR software we build is directly for them and they use it every single day, providers know our application inside and out. So they know what they need—and what they want.

The Physician Advisory Council was started to harness our client physicians’ insights and feedback. With the PAC in place, I’ve had the opportunity to hear directly from a range of physician viewpoints. With perspectives from clients of larger, multi-site operations who know the direction of the urgent care industry, to those from smaller clinics who bring an innovative spirit to the group—the council has a diverse sum of urgent care knowledge. One of the things that makes DocuTAP so successful is our attention to how functionality affects workflow. The PAC’s insight (and insistence) for maintaining an urgent care workflow – while incorporating new functionality – is invaluable.

The PAC is definitely a “meeting of minds” that care about improving DocuTAP. It’s one thing to have doctors participate, but it’s another thing entirely to have doctors on the council who know urgent care. These physicians come with decades of experience—they’ve opened and grown their own clinics. Plus, they know DocuTAP better than anyone else. The benefits of PAC have already been seen—with accurate guidance and fine-tuning of our EMR software functionality. I’m excited because this is just the beginning of adding a range of medical perspectives to DocuTAP. My hope is to begin more councils in the future which will focus on specific sections of our EMR and PM software.

The future is bright for DocuTAP’s urgent care software, and I can’t wait to move forward with physician input to help guide our steps.

Check out this short video highlighting DocuTAP’s Physician Advisory Council:

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.