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#SomethingBigPractice Velocity® urgent care solutions company has announced that it will give away the biggest prize in the history of the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) convention. The company will give away the prize during the UCAOA Spring Convention & Expo May 6-9 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

Practice Velocity won’t make the big reveal until the convention, but attendees can try their luck at guessing what the big prize is throughout the month leading up to the giveaway by watching A grid with possible prizes will update every day as the date of the giveaway draws nearer.

“We’re about to make UCAOA history, and we hope everyone is just as excited as we are,” says Dr. David Stern, CEO of Practice Velocity. “No one has given away a prize as big or as cool as this at UCAOA before.”

For UCAOA attendees who want a little Vegas action early, Practice Velocity will take guesses on what the big prize is on Facebook and Twitter.

Be sure to follow the hashtag #SomethingBig on Facebook and Twitter.

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Jaimie Kowalski