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It’s no secret, urgent care centers thrive in the busy seasons. With summer months come times of slow patient volume. Most urgent care centers see higher patient volumes in the fall and winter months, as summer can often lead to lower revenue. 

Something we always are asked is what can centers do to stay profitable during the slow months and make sure they reach their revenue goals? Here are a few ways your center can optimize and stay on track. 

Re-evaluate Your Urgent Care Software Suite

One of the biggest drains on your finances is technology. While you might think your EMR and Practice Management are working for you, they could very well be working against you. If your system isn’t fit for urgent care or doesn’t have coding recommendations, you could be losing out on dollars per visit. 

We recommend using software made specifically for the urgent care setting. This not only will increase patient satisfaction, but it will also help your center reimbursements. You will have confidence in coding, while also helping patients receive excellent care.  

Additional Services 

Something we always recommend is adding additional lines of service to your urgent care. Not just any services though, services that are valuable to the clients that do not hurt your bottom line. A service that we often suggest is occupational medicine visits. This not only builds a relationship with the surrounding community, but it also brings in business. Occupational medicine services include work-related injury or illness treatment, pre-placement screening, drug and alcohol testing, and other types of exams and immunizations. This is a simple way to make your center more profitable, leading to greater revenue.  

Another option we suggest is offering primary care services. While this may take some time to put into place, it is a great way to build patient loyalty and volume. We believe that with the right resources in place, this can be a great option for centers who are looking to stay profitable and keep patients coming back.

Going to the Patients

If you are still not sure how to boost patient volume, going directly to patients to build awareness is always a great idea. Going out into the community to boost your brand is one of the best ways to attract new patients and keep your brand at top of mind. This can take place in a variety of forms, such as offering on-site medical aid for local fairs, carnivals, or company outings. This is a great opportunity to create strategic partnerships with local businesses and the community to help bring in more patients. 

Are you still looking for ways to optimize and enhance your center? Contact us today!

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