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2021 User Experience Conference Recap

At last year’s Virtual User Experience, we talked about the tremendous challenges and extraordinary achievements of urgent care throughout an unpredictable pandemic. Visit volumes hit record numbers — driving a need for optimization, new lines of business, and interoperability.

This year, as we’re still dealing with the pandemic, visit volume is surpassing last year’s numbers. Dr. David Stern noted in his opening remarks that while the average number of patients per clinic per day is at a whopping 60, some clinics are seeing 100 patients a day. And all of urgent care continues to face these additional challenges:

  • Financial losses
  • Fear among patients, staff, admins
  • Rapidly changing guidelines
  • Community lockdowns
  • Staff shortages

Stern explained how Experity quickly responded to the initial COVID crisis. We implemented telemedicine functionality in all programs in a matter of weeks. We added COVID-specific workflows and coding, and overhauled our engagement check-in solution (including telemedicine options) to handle over 1,000 visits per clinic, and tens of thousands of appointment check-ins at midnight in every time zone.

And in 2021, we went further.

As such, the conference was packed with breakout sessions explaining how to experience the value of what we’ve been building. Other sessions focused on key areas like the lessons we learned about new E/M coding.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this year’s conference and the exciting product releases waiting for Experity customers in 2022.

Another Year Redefining Possibilities

After wrapping up his opening address, Dr. Stern welcomed SVP of Product Management Kim Commito along with Chief Revenue Officer Matt Blosl to talk about how Experity responded to the challenges of 2020 and continued to innovate to meet the evolving demands of 2021 and beyond.

Blosl opened with data related to visit volume trends and E/M. These trends have transformed the way patients use urgent care — prompting them to come in for more types of visits, thereby motivating clinics to expand their scope of care. And Experity has responded by expanding our solutions to accommodate those types of visits.

This year’s theme resembles that of last year: find any way to make our solution more efficient, and deliver solutions quickly. Commito echoed that our goal is to help clinics move patients through as quickly as possible and engage patients effectively.

But again, what’s different this year is our focus on how to generate more revenue and expand care based on evolving demand. Commito said,

“More than ever, we really want to help our clients seize the opportunity they have now in front of them having engaged with all of these patients, bringing them back into the clinic for other things that they might need.”

Achieving Better Efficiency

To further help clinics handle the 44 percent increase in patients since last year, Experity executed on several initiatives to boost efficiency.  A high-level summary includes:

  • Integrations with patient engagement tools relieve burdens on front desk staff by preventing duplicate data entry and improving accuracy
  • The mobile waiting room puts critical information in one place for patients, and it automates text communication providing direction and instructions for patients leading up to their appointments
  • The tracking board in the EMR/PM allows anyone in clinic to see where patients are in their journey
  • Appointment reminders help patients who schedule a visit more than 24 hours in advance keep their appointments
  • AMA coding guidelines changed for the first time in 25 years. Pop-ups and prompts added to the application help providers move through their workflows without having to stop and think about these changes
  • Additional Chartlets and templates reduced the number of clicks
  • Electronic prescribing is embedded into the system as part of the workflow

The Impact on Revenue

So how do these changes translate into revenue? In addition to appointment reminders getting patients in for their visits, we’re reminding them about their balances.

Payment reminders reduce the cost of paper statements — and by providing a link to online bill pay, decreases the amount of time it takes to see cash come back into the clinic. This is not only beneficial to the clinic, but also patients who want to be able to manage bills from their phones.

In the first 60 days of launching this text program, Experity data showed a 45 percent reduction in paper statement volume, and a 78 percent increase in payments.

Together, we are the Evolution of Healthcare

Commito and Blosl also reviewed some of the key themes of 2022. The roadmap includes:

Business Intelligence – analytics that will help you see, understand, and improve your performance

Appointment Management – tools supporting patients who want to schedule appointments weeks or even months in advance

Enterprise Development – dedicated teams to focus exclusively on the unique requirements of our enterprise customers

More and more, healthcare leaders are reevaluating their operating models to adapt more nimbly to ambiguity and uncertainty. They’re conquering challenges with renewed confidence and an eager spirit.

The urgent care industry has shown the world that it’s not afraid to challenge the status quo, to innovate its business models, and to connect with one another in ways never thought possible before.

Experity Virtual User Conference content will continue to be available on Experity’s website. If you missed a session or couldn’t attend the conference in person, recordings of our general and breakout sessions are available now for replay.

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