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Urgent Care Digital Payment Solutions

Give patients the convenience of digital payment options – in person, online, or using their mobile device

Single Source for Integrated Healthcare Payments

Stay ahead of market trends with patient-centered technologies that simplify payments for your business and your patients. From ideation to deployment and execution, we help you build seamless and friction-free payment experiences. 

Payment Cost Icon

Reduce discrepancies in payment acceptance

Automate processes, minimize manual reconciliation, and increase accuracy for fewer discrepancies associated with duplicate entry, error correction, and paper statements

Increase Rcm Icon

Increase revenue and speed up payment cycle

Collect visit fees at time of service from credit cards saved on file in the PM and reduce refunds due to disconnected technology

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Protect patient
cardholder data

Increase security through encryption, tokenization, and EMV® to minimize the risk of fraud both in face-to-face and online/mobile transactions

Trends in Patient Healthcare Payments

Patient expectations are evolving and urgent care practices that deliver seamless, positive experiences will be poised for success.

58% of patients

View providers with contactless payment options more favorably1

86% of consumers

Pay recurring bills online2

Over 50% of consumers

Would consider switching providers for a better healthcare payment experience3


1HealthLeaders – 3 Healthcare Payment Trends that will Outlast COVID-19, June 15, 2021 

2Chief Healthcare Executive – Provider Trends in Healthcare Payments: Missing the Connection with Consumers, July 5,2021 

3InstaMed – Trends in Healthcare Payments Annual Report: 2020 

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