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Second annual urgent care industry awards honor outstanding professionals impacting their communities through innovation, operational excellence, and leadership

Experity, the national leader in on-demand healthcare solutions, has announced the winners of the 2022 Limelight Awards at the Urgent Care Connect Conference in Miami, FL. The second annual, peer-nominated awards program recognizes three visionary urgent care leaders who are dedicated to transforming the industry and the communities they serve through innovative, impactful, patient-centric approaches to on-demand healthcare delivery.

These accolades – spanning outstanding leadership, industry impact, and operational excellence – were presented on stage during the event hosted by Experity, the largest conference of the year for the on-demand healthcare industry. Urgent Care Connect brings together U.S. urgent care leaders and operators to discuss strategies, experiences, and ongoing challenges in the industry, with the goal of strengthening tomorrow’s healthcare ecosystem.

“Following the inaugural awards program in 2022, this year we are thrilled to honor more forward-thinking urgent care heroes for making an impact in their communities and on the industry,” said David Stern, CEO, Experity. “It is essential that we recognize these innovators and encourage more leaders in on-demand healthcare to drive the industry forward, as demand continues for urgent cares to deliver convenient and accessible care.”

Leadership Award

Nikita Duke, Director of Behavioral Health at Fast Pace Health, was presented the Headliner Award for Leadership Excellence, which recognizes an urgent care leader who inspired clinic staff to excel during a year of change. Duke was recognized for her dedicated leadership where she prioritizes giving each employee the personal attention they need to succeed while building trust in their everyday work.

“She is disrupting traditional notions of care with a team of professionals who offer virtual-first behavioral healthcare integrated into an urgent and primary care-focused practice,” said Jason Hafner, Chief Operating Officer of Fast Pace Health, who nominated Duke for the 2022 Limelight Awards. “She has been instrumental in leading the launch of Behavioral Health and Telehealth and has done so successfully through her servant leadership, effective communication, and resiliency, all while growing the team from a single provider in Tennessee to a team of 30+ offering services across six states, both at home and virtually in more than 200 affiliated urgent and primary care clinics.”

Staff Excellence Award

Cammie Le, Assistant Director of Operations at Owl Now Urgent Care, received the Ovation Award for Staff Excellence , which recognizes an urgent care visionary who has positively impacted the community and industry by exhibiting operational excellence. Le was nominated by Diane Brannen, Director of Operations at Owl Now Urgent Care, who cited that with her attentiveness to patient experience, patients were able to get the efficient care they needed without having to go elsewhere. By shifting her entire workflow to quickly see patients, the clinic rarely, if ever, lost a patient due to long wait times or overcrowding due to the steady pace the team kept throughout each shift.

Visionary Award

Dr. Anthony Cardillo, CEO of Mend Urgent Care, was awarded the Visionary Award, which recognizes an urgent care leader who inspired effectual change in an evolving market. Cardillo was nominated for his efforts to inspire employees to stay at the clinic during the most uncertain of times in the pandemic by reinforcing their hard work and fostering an environment of teamwork and commitment to humanity.

“Everything Dr. Cardillo did was centered around our patients, so when other clinics closed their doors due to fear of Covid, he went out into the community to test,” said Ben Tischler, SVP of RCM Sales & Solutions at Experity, who nominated Cardillo. “He was able to pivot quickly and take risks with purchasing seven vehicles ($100,000) so that staff could travel to patients and off-site testing locations, while additionally working closely with Los Angeles County Health Department to be the head of the spear against the virus in LA County executing various tactics to all residents regardless of their ability to pay for care.”

As the hosting entity of both the Limelight Awards program and the largest urgent care industry conference of the year, Experity is proud to bring together U.S. urgent care professionals from across the nation to not only collaborate and share expertise, but recognize peers for the impactful, transformative change being driven by the U.S. urgent care market as a whole.

Visit Experity’s website to stay up to date on next year’s Limelight Awards program and the Urgent Care Connect Conference – both hosted and facilitated by Experity.

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