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DocuTAP’s EMR system launches in Ghana in Summer of 2012

Sioux Falls, SD, July 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DocuTAP, a provider of electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) software, is going global this summer with an implementation of a custom EMR system for Sanford World Clinics in Ghana, Africa.

DocuTAP’s chief executive officer, Eric McDonald, is traveling to Ghana to oversee the implementation and launch. “It is a true privilege for our company to contribute on a global scale by partnering with Sanford Health in their World Clinic initiative,” said McDonald. “This is the first time that DocuTAP’s software will be implemented in Africa, and it is one of the first EMR systems in Ghana.”

“We’ve seen how EMR systems can transform the medical care practice and greatly enhance decision-making processes for healthcare providers,” said Jim Slack, VP, Sanford World Clinics. “However, implementing an EMR system or any HIS in a developing country can be a daunting task. That’s why we decided to work with DocuTAP for our World Clinics locations in Ghana. Eric and his team are able to provide a custom EMR system that is flexible enough to handle the diverse needs of our clinics in Ghana without compromising consistency or reliability.”

In August 2011, Sanford World Clinics announced the construction and operation of a 10-site network of sustainable primary care clinics (for all ages) to be completed in Ghana over a four-year period. DocuTAP’s first EMR system implementation will take place at Sanford’s busy Cape Coast clinic this summer. Opened in January 2012 as Sanford’s first clinic in Ghana, the practice sees in excess of 1,000 patients per week. The clinic provides general health care services to area children and adults and includes the diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses in the region, especially malaria, diarrhea and respiratory health issues. Sanford World Clinics plans to open at least three additional clinics in Ghana by the end of this year.

“EMR systems offer tremendous benefits on care delivery in developing countries in spite of potential implementation challenges.” said McDonald. “From improved patient care to enhanced clinic management, the benefits of a reliable EMR system are immediate. DocuTAP’s EMR will give providers in Ghana greater efficiency in accessing accurate and timely information to care for their patients and provide data to efficiently manage the clinics.”

The case for EMR systems in developing countries is a frequent topic among doctors, healthcare providers and academic scholars. In some countries, the availability of a reliable EMR system is often seen as a catalyst for development in healthcare delivery.

About DocuTAP

DocuTAP began in May of 2000 in Sioux Falls, S.D. Since its inception, the company has seen impressive growth and serves a national customer base. DocuTAP’s innovative workflow solution leads the industry in its level of integration and in its user-friendly, intuitive design that functions the way physicians think and practice. DocuTAP partners with customers to provide integrated EMR and practice management software, hardware, implementation and support in one powerfully simple turnkey solution. With unique, easy to use technology designed for urgent care, clinics can complete an entire patient visit from online check-in through billing in less time than ever. DocuTAP takes a partnership approach over the entire product lifecycle to ensure customer success. More information about DocuTAP and the other services they provide can be found at

About Sanford Health

Sanford Health is an integrated health system headquartered in Fargo, ND and Sioux Falls, SD. Sanford is the largest, rural, not-for-profit health care system in the nation with locations in 112 communities in seven states. In addition, Sanford Health is in the process of developing international clinics in Ireland, Africa, Israel and Mexico.

Sanford Health features more than 1,200 physicians in 70 specialty areas of medicine. With more than 25,000 employees, Sanford Health is the largest employer in North and South Dakota. The system is experiencing dynamic growth and development in conjunction with Denny Sanford’s $400 million gift in 2007, the largest gift ever to a health care organization in America. This gift is making possible the implementation of the several initiatives including global children’s clinics, multiple research centers and finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. For more information, visit