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The llamas have been lassoed and the great dress debate has been explained (hello, color temperature). During those water cooler talks, you might have missed some truly important information regarding healthcare. But, fear not. We’ve got you covered.

Eyestrain and weight gain at work 

The bad rap on desk jobs continues. We get it, finagle a standing desk ASAP. But, wait, there’s more. Better your sight and body mass index by checking out this article.

Urgent care changing healthcare 

It’s a Saturday morning and your five-year-old has lodged a LEGO in his ear. Your primary care provider closed her doors Friday at 5pm and a trip to the ER isn’t necessary (he tends to lodge a lot of objects in his ear). Quick treatment without a hefty bill is the answer and your local urgent care can deliver.

Speaking of urgent…  

Technology is everywhere. In fact, it’s integrated itself into many urgent care clinics. Specific software helps healthcare providers see patients more quickly and deliver quality care. But, there are some tricks of the trade. That’s where we come in. Our best practices will have patients in and out in a breeze.

Listen up, parents

Watching the news and perusing social media can be terrifying at times, particularly if you’re a parent. We already know scheduled vaccinations are a must. Considering the recent outbreak of measles, the CDC is weighing in with some must-read advice.

Now, go forth and conquer March!

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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