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During our May webinar series, product owner Kristina Flores demonstrated the ideal registration workflow for both new and existing patients, along with real-time eligibility, credit card pre-authorization, collecting payments, and scanning documents into patient documents.

Kristina used a test clinic to demonstrate registration for new and existing patients. Users who want to begin registration click “add” under the private column and verify all patient information to see if they are already in the database. With new patients, users will have to click the eRegister button and begin the registration process.

Once eReg is complete, front desk users will need to click the “eReg Complete” under the private column, which will take them to the patient information screen. Information from eReg pulls into this screen, such as primary care physician, emergency contact and demographics. Users have to indicate when the patient signed their HIPAA form and then click next. Users will then check to see if the patient uploaded an insurance card and to add if applicable. When you click “Save & Exit,” real-time eligibility (RTE) automatically runs for the patient, and users can click on “coverage details” to review payers response. If the patient does not have insurance, then users will click “Save & Exit.”  

If a patient signs the credit card pre-authorization form, users are directed to the cc pre-auth page where they will either fill out the copay information if they have insurance or click the “self pay” box if they do not have insurance. Using standard procedures for collecting, users can still collect payment if the patient does not have insurance. Once users save & exit they will see the patient as “logged” under the private column.

To learn more about ideal registration workflows, the full webinar is on the Help Resources page in PVM. If you have additional questions about the webinar or registration workflows, email

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