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In modern urgent care, everyone wants their practice to be “data driven”. Your EMR/PM is a goldmine of data but making sense of it all can easily become a full-time job on top of your full-time job (and you might need another degree). The good news? It doesn’t have to be! 

Now you can spend less time sifting through spreadsheets, and more time putting data to use with Experity’s new Business Intelligence (BI) tool for the Experity EMR/PM. Experity BI does the legwork of aggregating, analyzing, and presenting your EMR/PM data so you can take action.  

Why Business Intelligence? 

Urgent care administrators and providers need better insight into their holistic practice data to evaluate the experience of their patients and make informed decisions that will support better patient and practice outcomes.  

Getting to those insights though, takes a lot of time and expertise.  

With Experity BI, you get the most important clinical, operational, and financial metrics for urgent care success — things like patient throughput, exam room time vs wait room time, E/M coding levels, A/R aging, and so much more — with highly visual pre-built dashboards that are easy to understand at a glance. You can put your EMR/PM data to work, without adding to your workload. 

Better Data = Better Outcomes 

When you have better information, you can make better decisions. The most successful practices are continuously monitoring performance — not just when it comes to financials, but also clinic processes and most critically, their patients.  

Unlike other EMR/PMs and reporting solutions, Experity BI goes beyond dollars and visit volumes. Clinical metrics are put on equal footing with operational and financial metrics, with detailed dashboards focused on E/M levels, prescription trends, lab orders, and more. Monitor clinical trends to improve patient outcomes — because happy patients mean a better bottom line. 

How does Experity Business Intelligence Work? 

Experity BI is data analysis designed specifically for urgent care.  

EMR/PM data is more accessible than ever before with pre-built clinical, operational, and financial dashboards that give you the metrics you need, right out of the box. Get a pulse on where you’re at and where you’re trending at the practice, clinic, or provider level — all while saving time and frustration. 

 Already feeling good about your data analysis? Take it to the next level with custom report building. Our easy-to-use self-service tool is all about flexibility, so you can dive deep into your EMR/PM data and create views that elevate the unique metrics most important to your practice. 

Ready to learn more? Request a demo of Experity’s EMR/PM with Business Intelligence 

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