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It’s no secret companies that are known for their customer service are also known as some of the best places to work. That is why we can be extra picky when it comes to our prospective employees and are able to put only top-quality candidates in our company! People have a high desire to work in an upbeat and team focused atmosphere. It’s also no secret they happen to be more successful in their industry. Great service starts on the inside with our employees having the genuine desire and drive to want to show up to work every day with the same goal in mind, helping our doctors, clients and their patients in any way possible to achieve the best outcome.

The days of accepting disconnected and impersonal communication should have long passed, unfortunately that is not always the case with every company. Your customer service experience with Teleradiology Specialists begins as soon as you call into our Solutions Center. We have an incredible support team always available to happily take your call and help with any possible scenario you need assistance with. We immediately connect our clients to a doctor if a specific question or concern needs addressed, we pull up cases that need special or additional attention with no wait, we track down exactly who you need to speak within any department while you are on the phone with us and much more!

Our team knows that constant innovation is the key to our success! We ask ourselves how we can make it better for our clients every day. This is not just a job for us, it’s a lifestyle. Even the most difficult phone calls and questions we receive are learning experiences for our team, we do not fret over these things, we thrive on them! Teleradiology Specialists has created a purpose-driven, values-based company that delivers both success and significance.

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