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Why Experity

Shaping healthcare today and tomorrow.

Innovation drives us to build lasting relationships with our partners to move urgent care forward.

A Partner You Can Believe In

When we ask for your business, we’re really asking for your trust.

We’re urgent care experts who have earned the trust of more than 5,800 clinics nationwide. Take a look at what our clients have to say about working with our team and connect with us to find out how you can experience the success that comes from partnership with people who know urgent care.

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Investing in Client Success

We really do want you (and your patients) to be happy.

If your software simplifies the delivery of healthcare, it’s good for providers, staff⁠—and your patients.

We work with clients one-on-one, providing reliable, consistent, proactive urgent care solutions, based on your concerns and supported by data. If you’re not happy, our work’s not done.

Get to know Experity.

Our complete suite of software and services was created to help clients build stronger companies, increase provider satisfaction, and deliver better outcomes for patients.

Committed to patient-centered healthcare?

We are too.