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In today’s world, your patients are healthcare consumers. They come to urgent care for convenience and an instant fix to their complaint. Long wait times to see a provider can be a determining factor in whether a patient chooses you when they need urgent care. In a recent survey, UCA reported that 64 percent of patients that left a clinic without being seen did so because the wait was too long. While wait duration may seem out of your control at times, you can manage the way patients experience that wait.

To learn more about the psychology of waiting and ways to successfully manage the wait, join us for this on-demand webinar where we’ll cover:

  • How patients experience wait time
  • The effect of long waits on future visits and consumer reviews
  • Smart practices to improve the waiting experience
  • Reducing wait times using technology

The good news is that you can dramatically improve overall patient satisfaction. In this webinar you’ll get actionable steps you can take right away. Watch on-demand now!