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You may be surprised to hear that for many urgent care clinics, most denials, rejections, and related bad debt risk have little to do with your coders. Rather, they’re most likely stemming from your operating procedures. In this valuable session, you’ll discover the most common operational mistakes that result in denied or rejected claims, how to fix them, and what you can do to decrease your bad debt exposure.

Tune into this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The primary drivers of denials and rejections
  • How to arm clinic staff with the tools required for success
  • The impact on revenue via collection rate increase and bad debt reduction
  • How the pandemic impacted TOS collection processes and bad debt rates

Watch this expert discussion to learn how to decrease denied and rejected claims. Plus, get actionable tips to help you make smart changes today, so you see better billing outcomes in 2022. Watch on-demand now.

Are Your Billing Practices as Good as You Think?

Getting claims out and posting cash efficiently only account for 30% of the revenue cycle. See how the rest of your RCM scores in these 10 questions.

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