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SMS Revenue Capture Package

Patient Revenue Recovery Redefined


Free up staff, drive appointment adherence, and most importantly – collect more money, faster by leveraging text messaging to remind patients of upcoming appointments and balances due.

Collect More Payments, Faster

97% of people open a text message within three minutes. By sending financial text reminders that include a direct link to your online payment portal, you allow patients to react in real-time, increasing patient payments, getting invoices paid in less than 90 days, and reducing the amount of balances sent to collections or written off as bad debt.

Urgent Care Patient Engagement on Mobile Phone


Improve Staff Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Clinic staff can spend hours manually following up on missed appointments, chasing balances, and printing and mailing paper statements. Leveraging SMS for reminders and payment collection frees up staff time with automated, hands-off workflows. Plus, you can expect to see a reduction in statement volume with more patients paying, sooner, saving mail room costs.


How It Works:

  • Templated messages are pre-written in the Experity PM, auto-populating clinic information, patient balance, online bill pay link, and patient account number
  • Configurable settings create consistency in the cadence of your financial text reminder deployments from patient responsibility to outstanding balance to final notice messages
  • Automated scheduling and message delivery confirmation lets you track performance and maintain better patient data

See More Patients

As you add additional lines of service to your urgent care, it becomes more important to not only offer a way for patients to schedule appointments, but also to remind them of appointments without extra labor. More than 45% of scheduled appointments are no-shows, making it more difficult to load balance visits, estimate wait times, and affecting your overall throughput for the day. With automated appointment text reminders sent the day before the visit, you can reduce abandonment rates and protect your bottom line.

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