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Urgent Care Expansion Consulting

Growing your urgent care business? Get expert advice.

Are you ready to expand your urgent care? Knowing your market and your best options can help you take the next best step. Because we’re a part of the only HIT company that offers connected solutions solely for urgent care, we have the data and the expertise to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Experity’s consultants will help you plan your expansion in ways that make sense for your business.

Expand your footprint. Add new locations.

Profitable and manageable growth begins with a strong foundation. We’ll help you make sure your current clinic is running efficiently, then help you with a strategy to make sure your next center is a success.

Urgent Care Expansion Planning - Experity Consulting
  • To help predict volume and viability we’ll perform a market assessment, so you know what to expect from the next location and have the information to create a strategic plan for growth. Our custom algorithm will help predict growth and volume, area demographics, and give you industry insights.
  • Securing contracts with payers is essential to your success. Our contracting and credentialing experts will assess potential revenue so you can make informed decisions as you grow.
  • Be sure the area you’re considering isn’t oversaturated with a competitive analysis to look at competitors in the desired market and evaluate based on location, the scope of services, and community perception.

Urgent Care Acquisition

As acquisitions and mergers become more commonplace in the healthcare market, you might be considering acquiring an established center instead of building from the ground up. We’ll help you identify potential risks, locate the right candidate, and review billing practices, payer contracts, coding audits, and financials of the center to help you make an intelligent and profitable choice.

Choose sites for success.

Finding the right site for new locations is just as important for expanding urgent care operations as it is for startups. A proprietary algorithm collects information from our database to compare statistics in the markets you’re considering:

Grow in the right direction. Add service lines.

As the market evolves, urgent care businesses are looking for new ways to grow. It may not be about adding location, but instead, adding new service. By introducing new service lines you can introduce prospective patients to your clinic, mitigate seasonal fluctuations in patient flow, and meet a need that is present in your community. But how do you know which direction makes sense for you? Talk to our consultants about your options, and let us help you scope out the territory to see what makes sense in your market, for your clinic, now.

Beyond Urgent Care - Adding Services to your Urgent Care - showcase


Beyond Urgent Care: Ancillary & Specialty Services

Ancillary services include a wide range of healthcare service options that you may offer patients to support your urgent care clinic. While it may be best to focus on your daily operations in the first few months after launch, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for other specialty healthcare services that might help you increase patient flow and revenue, and also fill a need for healthcare consumers in your community.

Occupational Medicine


If you’re in the urgent care industry, chances are good you are already providing some OccMed services to patients and employers. This typically includes workers’ compensation and employer-paid services, like flu shots, testing, drug and alcohol screening, or pre-employment physicals. If you’re not, you could be missing out on a steady revenue stream you can rely on all year through to add to your profits.

Best of all, your OccMed services connect you to your community providing an important service keeping employees safe, healthy, and able to work. Adding occupational health services allows you to cultivate additional revenue with resources you already have.

Primary Care
for Urgent Care


Great providers help drive return visits from patients. With a large percentage of millennials not connected to a primary care provider, a growing shortage of primary care physicians in some parts of the region, and patients demanding more convenience, it may be time to begin offering primary care services in your urgent care clinic.

More urgent care clinics are adding primary care to their offerings, especially in rural areas where healthcare is not as readily available.We can help you evaluate the need for primary care services in your area and the potential or success. It can be a cost-effective service line to maximize your revenue without adding resources.

What to consider - Urgent Care Expansion


What to Consider Before Your Urgent Care Expands

If your urgent care center has been open and operating for some time, you may be considering expanding to additional locations. Whether you’re looking to simply bring in more revenue or compete with other centers in the area, enhancing your center through expansion can be a very rewarding process. But how do you know if you’re ready?


As healthcare aligns itself more closely to the patient experience, added convenience, and lower risk, telemedicine is increasingly becoming an important service for urgent care clinics. Because on-demand healthcare providers are already equipped to get patients in and out quick, they are uniquely qualified to provide telemedicine visits. But it’s not for everyone. Our consultants can help you evaluate the pros and cons of expanding your business through telemedicine.

Urgent Care

If you’re located in an area adjacent to a family-focused residential area, specializing in pediatric urgent care can add value to parents and families. While most every urgent care treats children, choosing to specialize in pediatric urgent care can set you apart from other on-demand healthcare clinics in your community.

When planning for pediatric urgent cares, there is a distinction in operations and preparations. You need a consulting partner who understands the differences from traditional urgent care and will give you specific industry insight. Our team has experience in pediatric urgent care staffing models and hours of operations that make sense for pediatrics.

Pediatric Urgent Care Startup


7 Insider Tips for Starting a Pediatric Urgent Care

Same-day care with pediatricians is often difficult, and ER visits are often the only alternative for desperate parents who seek care after typical doctor’s office hours. Logically, these two referral sources—and their lack of availability—are driving pediatric urgent care’s growth.

Urgent Care

In many cases, getting in to see an orthopedic surgeon outside of an emergency situation may take longer than most people want to wait—this explains the rising demand for orthopedic-specialized urgent care. Offering orthopedic urgent care can be a smart choice because many primary care and urgent care clinics don’t have the expertise to treat orthopedic patients. In many cases, they will send these patients to a specialist. Not only can you fill this void with a convenient, lower-cost alternative, but orthopedic patients often experience better outcomes because of timely treatment and expert care for orthopedic injuries.

Let our consultants help you determine if orthopedics is a good option for you based on location, facilities, staff, and revenue predictions.

More Service Line Options

You may not be ready to go all in with a full-service specialty, but that doesn’t mean you’re out. You can find other small ways to add value to patients and revenue to your clinic. The following are a few examples.

Plan to expand?
We can help.

Our team can help you assess your operational, clinical, and financial position and make recommendations based on your goals. We can also help you identify service lines that might be beneficial to your practice and increase patient satisfaction.

Our experience ensures that when you need guidance in specific areas of your business, we can help you remove obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals.

Take the guesswork out of planning your clinic.

Find out how you can shorten the learning curve when you’re starting up, growing, or taking your business to the next level.

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