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The teleradiology over read service you choose is an extension of your clinic. With industry-leading turnaround times, 99.97% accuracy rates, and real-time access to radiologists, we’re by your side to ensure a better experience for your patients and exceed the expectations of providers.

And because we’re committed to improving healthcare every day, we also provide credentialing and Modality Accreditation assistance to enhance  teleradiology operation.

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Quality healthcare comes from a combined team of professionals, which is why our U.S. based Solutions Center has extended hours 365 days a year and provides real-time access to our radiologists to discuss your interpretation questions.

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We are happy to provide access to a patient’s medical record. Because your privacy and security are important to us, we will need appropriate authorization. Use the button below to get started.

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Radiology Interpretations for all Modalities

Urgent Care

Don’t sacrifice quality for fast turnaround times. We provide over read services to more than 2,500 urgent care centers across the U.S. Our industry-leading turnaround times allow your patients to get a quick diagnosis and the care they need, while increasing patient throughput and satisfaction. Patients get a quick diagnosis and appropriate care—and you get higher satisfaction scores and a stellar reputation.

Occupational Health

Our B Readers are NIOSH certified to ensure all your B Read interpretations for chest x-rays will be accurate and timely. If an occupational medicine patient needs evaluation for asbestos, coal, or silica dust inhalation, we can assess the irregularities related to occupational exposure and get you and your clients results quickly.

Primary Care

Today’s primary care patients value their time and expect convenience. When a facility uses a local radiology group or hospital system, it can take up to 24 hours to turn around reads, requiring patients to return to the clinic for a follow-up visit in order to receive results. Our radiologists can provide routine reads in less than an hour and STAT reads in under 30 minutes. Your patients get results faster and you improve throughput.

Other Medical Specialties

In addition to urgent care, primary care, and occupational health, we provide services to hospital emergency rooms, free-standing emergency departments, imaging centers, centers, chiropractic clinics, mobile x-ray/ultrasound providers and more.

Impact of Radiology in the Urgent Care Industry - Hero Background


An Analysis of the Impact of Radiology in the Urgent Care Industry

As on-demand healthcare becomes an increasingly important component of healthcare in America, urgent care organizations must continue to observe the treatments and trends that arise to improve patient care. With access to more urgent care data than ever before, we have identified common characteristics of urgent care patients and the role radiology plays in patient visits industry-wide.

Quality Assurance

Our network of more than 90 U.S. based radiologists are licensed to provide x-ray reads in all fifty states. Our radiologists participate in a rigorous quality assurance program that keeps our average miss rate the lowest in the industry while providing ongoing education. Based on standards developed by the American College of Radiology, we have numerous techniques and activities in place to guarantee accuracy, helping your center get fast results without compromising quality care. Each day, 2-4% of cases are randomly selected for a reread and submitted to the QA committee for a three-tier review process.

Our PACS or yours.

Our PACS platform is a fully HIPAA and standards-compliant, secure, redundant technological infrastructure, suitable for all industries that we serve. This system is installed and maintained free of charge. If you already have a picture archiving and communication system you love, we’ll interface with you to make it easy and convenient.

Connect through multiple interfaces.

Our versatile solutions interface with several different technologies, not just our PACS system, so our clients receive direct results. With customized experience created for our clients, they can meet the changing needs of their patients.



Advantage of Outsourced X-ray Over-read Compared to Hospital Radiology Services for Urgent Care Operators

In order to serve the immediate medical needs of presenting patients, urgent care centers necessarily offer x-ray as a part of their service offerings. X-ray is required to diagnose common urgent care conditions like pneumonia and fractures. Not only does the availability of x-ray services differentiate urgent care centers from other treatment options including walk-in primary care offices and retail health clinics, availability of x-ray is actually a defining feature of urgent care, according to the Urgent Care Association of America’s (UCAOA) certification and accreditation standards.

With Experity Teleradiology, our discrepancy rates have dropped dramatically, and when our providers need information they don’t see on a report, they are super-responsive and approachable. I would highly recommend them.

Todd Martin Emergency One

Our revenue is better because the turnaround time is better, no patient complaints about getting a bill from another company or issues due to price gouging. With Experity Teleradiology, everything is very transparent.

Tonya Trice Safeworks Illinois

Our clinic has changed as a result of Experity Teleradiology. Our patients are not having to wait as long for their results. Sometimes they’re getting results before they leave the room.

Karrie Weidenburner Safeworks Illinois
Todd Martin, Emergency One - Testimonial Headshot
Tonya Trice, Safeworks Illinois - Testimonial Headshot
Karrie Weidenburner, Safeworks Illinois - Testimonial Headshot

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