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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. ” January 14, 2018 “ DocuTAP, one of the nation’s fastest growing healthcare technology companies and provider of electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management (PM) software for urgent care clinics, announced today the launch of Insight by DocuTAP. Insight is a powerful new urgent care-focused analytics tool designed to put the power of clinic data in the hands of decision-makers and clinicians to inform their practice and improve operations.

As patient demand for high-quality care at an affordable price continues to grow, the urgent care market is becoming increasingly competitive. To rise to the top, on-demand healthcare operators count on actionable, real-time data to make smarter business decisions. Insight is DocuTAP’s solution.

“Too many urgent cares are sitting on their data, but don’t have the tools to analyze it and make it useful for their practice,” said Eric McDonald, CEO, DocuTAP. “We get it. We’ve earned a reputation for providing the best business intelligence tools in the industry. Insight gives clinics the power to take their own data, visualize it in a way that makes sense, and make better decisions based on what they see. It’s what’s next for urgent care BI.”

Insight by DocuTAP combines the power of data visualization, the capability of pivot tables to extract trends significance from large, detailed data sets, and the utility of dashboards to enable users to make better real-time decisions. Users get actionable business insights, reporting, and analysis tools that make their data more useful than ever. On-demand clinic operators can now take a deep dive into their clinical, operational, and financial data to improve end-to-end business performance through a single, mobile platform.

As part of DocuTAP’s powerful software suite, DocuTAP customers have access to their own clinical, financial, and operational data on a granular and tailored level. Product highlights of the new platform include:

  • Easy report creation, with chart, graph, and pivot capabilities
  • Big-picture view and customizable data visualizations
  • Relevant and powerful data tailored to customers’ needs
  • Automated alerts for real-time action
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design provides access anywhere, from any device

Additionally, Insight users can take advantage of pre-built reports and dashboards, optimized for the typical urgent care operator—giving them a powerful, out-of-the-box reporting experience, even if they don’t have full-time analysts.

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