Experity Check-In, Texting, Triage, Telemed App

Experity offering a check-in app for any urgent care clinic

Many urgent care clinics are seeing either heightened or lower visit volumes, because patients are either staying home to lower their risk of contracting COVID-19, or they going to a clinic to get tested.

As a business partner to nearly 50 percent of urgent cares in the US, we are only successful if the clinics we serve continue to thrive even in difficult times.

Currently 500+ clinics are leveraging this app to help clinics manage patient check-in from home or the clinic parking lot, facilitating communication with patients, and assessing COVID-19 risk before a patient enters an urgent care center. Maintaining a safe workflow for all of your patients, your staff, and the community.

How it works:


**Note: The free period for the Check-In App with Telemedicine has ended. Please contact us for pricing.

How can this application help?

This app is available to any urgent care clinic, regardless of being an Experity client or not.

This is a web-based check-in triage application intended to help your staff triage patients prior to entering your clinic. The app allows patients to self-schedule to stay outside of your clinic. Using two-way text messaging and telemedicine features, your staff can appropriately assess COVID-19 risk and direct all patients on next steps depending on their symptoms. This will help structure and streamline workflow.

How to get started

Get your clinic set up on the Experity Check-In Application. The submission of the form will kick off the creation of your web application.

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