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Business Continuity Plan

Experity Plan, Process, and Policies

UPDATED (March 16, 2020 at 8:00 a.m CST)

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and updating our business continuity plan, process, and policies as needed.

Our top priority is the health of our team members, clients, and partners. As Experity continues to serve and support our clients, here are additional updates and measures we are taking:

Business Readiness:

  • Unlike many industries, Experity is fortunate our business can be conducted remotely. Experity has already taken vigorous precautionary steps to test our business readiness, to prepare for the unexpected, and keep our customers’ businesses moving.
  • One of the benefits of operating as a multi-locational, SaaS-based company is that we have the technology, infrastructure, and security protocols in place to be able to uphold our services from anywhere in the country. There has been no impact to our offices at this time, and we are prepared to provide seamless support.
  • We do not anticipate any disruptions to our business or change in service levels you have come to expect from Experity.

Work-From-Home Policy:

  • We are preparing for all employees not associated to critical onsite task positions to work from home. IT teams continue to work diligently with all departments and regions to support telecommuting logistics.

Travel Suspension:

  • All non-essential Experity business travel is restricted through March 2020. April 2020 travel will be reviewed at the end of the month.
  • Client meeting will be conducted virtually whenever possible.

In-Person Internal and External Event Cancellations

  • Experity is limiting participation at in-person internal and external marketing events until further notice. Preparations are being made to schedule digital events in lieu of live events.


  • Experity employees, clients, and partners can make a difference in this pandemic by limiting exposure to others in the coming weeks. We must all take strong and decisive action to protect those around us, staying vigilant together.


(Previously updated information below, prior to March 16, 2020.)

Overview of Experity’s plans, process, and policies

Here are key highlights of Experity business continuity plans, processes, and policies. Including additional processes, put in place as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak:

BCP Planning

Experity is continuously testing its business continuity plan (BCP), here are some key highlights below. This BCP is also broken out through all internal organizations, so each department has clear steps and guidance on how to respond.

Office Closure Testing

As part of our BCP testing, Experity has undergone role closure tests across all locations nationally, to support remote work. The mandate of the testing is to simulate a circumstance where one or more of our office teams need to be vacated. While still continuously being focused on customer-centricity, we want to ensure that such events do not prevent us from supporting our clients nor impede their ability to service and support their customers. This testing also ensures we can and will always enable our customers to be successful under any condition.

Work-from-Home Policy

As a cloud company, our resources and infrastructure are intentionally built to be available under any condition. This ethos extends to how our internal systems, processes, and personnel are deployed, using cloud technologies throughout, enabling our ability to support customers regardless of our location or our customers’ location. As part of our BCP testing, we are continuously testing and confirming the ability of all employees to work from home, as needed. Critical infrastructure and support undergo routine testing of re-routing and remote support as well.

Employee Travel Risk Mitigation

Any travel requires the consent of the employee participating in such travel, as the health and wellbeing of our employees are of utmost importance.

Employee Health Risk Mitigation

As part of continuous communication and education of our workforce, we have increased access in all offices to cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer.

  • Any employee who has reported or is seen to have any COVID-19 symptoms is being evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • We have rigorous physical cleaning of our offices and company spaces including wipe-downs for all office surfaces and facilities. We have increased frequency of physical cleaning and usage of appropriate disinfectant agents for doorknobs, lecterns, escalator handrails, trash receptacles, water stations, elevator bottoms, chairs, registration tables, and bathrooms.
  • We have displayed additional health advisories in all offices, including reminders of keeping personal hygiene high, notices on hand washing (e.g., wash all hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds) and minimizing physical contact.
  • We have a “No Handshake” policy at the office and event until further notice. The use of fist bumps, elbow bumps, virtual hugs, waves, and other mechanisms will replace the handshake at the moment. We have also asked for social distancing (i.e., stand a minimum of three feet away from people).
  • We are testing our emergency preparedness in each office, including adherence to all local health and safety considerations.

Internal or External Marketing Events

For any low-risk marketing events we attend or host, we have mandated processes for employees, attendees, and support staff to follow. This includes:

  • We ask that all attendees and exhibitors evaluate their own health and that of those they are in close contact with. They must report to any Experity staff or event organizer if they feel unwell, and list anyone they have come in contact with.
  • We will offer temperature screenings. Medical personnel will interview and quarantine the person an inherent risk is identified.
  • There will be an isolation holding room with local event authorities on hand to assist as needed.
  • In regard to rigorous physical cleaning of the venue, we will require wipe-downs for all microphones and speaker monitors. Event staff will increase the frequency of physical cleaning and usage of appropriate disinfectant agents for doorknobs, lecterns, escalator handrails, trash receptacles, water stations, elevator bottoms, chairs, registration tables, and bathrooms.
  • We will display additional health advisories at any event, including reminders of keeping personal hygiene high, providing notices on hand washing, and also minimizing physical contact.
  • We are reinforcing the necessity of extra diligence as related to food preparation and serving with our event venues.
  • We will increase medical personnel and security on-site.

Continuous Monitoring

Led by our people operations department (“POps”), we at Experity are continuously monitoring the situation to determine any additional steps and needs required. Our information technology (IT) department is taking the lead on BCP (physical location and infrastructure) testing, as well as ensuring the Work-From-Home policy is adhered to, workable, secure, and efficient.


As of the publication date of this statement (March 16, 2020), we at Experity have had no cases of COVID-19 nor any employees showing or reporting similar symptoms, and thus have not needed to take more extensive measures (e.g., office closures) However, we continue to be vigilant throughout, and expect the unexpected. We are aware that there are many circumstances beyond our control, however we will be prepared to react, mitigate, and minimize impact as needed.