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If you’re in urgent care, chances are good the name Experity has come up in your online searches. (Or we hope it has!) You may recognize us as a software company, a thought leader, or even a sponsor within the world of urgent care. If you’re wondering what it is we do, and you don’t have time to look through our website, this page provides a high-level overview of who Experity serves, our products and services, and some benefits of working with us.

Who Experity Serves

We create products and services specifically for urgent care. On-demand healthcare is different from other types of healthcare — for providers, for staff, and for patients. And in order for urgent care to truly be urgent, it needs technology and partnerships that not only prioritize its needs, but also completely understand those needs. That’s us.

While some clinics may choose other solutions providers over Experity, we still work hard to serve the entire industry through training and education. Our team’s expertise covers every facet of this business, and we treat our webinars, online resources, and conferences as an opportunity to make all of us better, regardless of whether you choose to partner with us.

From consultations to product help to ongoing training, we’ve got your back.

Experity Products and Services

Whether you’re looking to grow your business, improve on what you’ve already established, or are just starting out and don’t know where to begin, we can help. Here is a snapshot of the technology and services available:

EMR/PM that accounts for your most frequent types of urgent care visits and everything else that makes your specific workflow most efficient.

Patient Engagement that not only empowers you to deliver a first-rate patient experience, but also streamlines your reputation management.

Business Intelligence that goes beyond standard operational and financial metrics to also include clinical metrics — so you can save time sifting through spreadsheets and start using data to achieve better patient and business outcomes.

RCM Services that are tiered, so you get what you need to reduce billing and coding complexities, and get paid what you’ve earned. No other type of healthcare ever takes priority over your needs because urgent care is all we do.

Teleradiology over-read services that are not only highly accurate, but also provide real-time access to radiologists so you can confidently and quickly deliver appropriate patient care.

Consulting Services to help you plan, open, and execute a winning business strategy — that includes everything from site selection and financial plans to compliance.


Benefits of Working With Experity

Put simply, we not only understand you, we are you. Our experts have decades of experience in and with urgent care. We understand the nuances that separate you from other types of healthcare. We consider ourselves your partners who know what common mistakes urgent care clinics make, what practices work best, and how to evolve as quickly as you do. What does that mean for you?

EMR/PM: An intuitive system that is built specifically for urgent care means you can:

  • Register patients in less than 2 minutes
  • Chart 80% of the most common visits in under 60 seconds
  • Reduce the number of days in AR and collect 2x more payments

…And much more to be extremely efficient and accurate throughout the in-clinic patient journey.

Patient Engagement:  Seamlessly integrated with the EMR/PM to handle every touchpoint with your patients before and after they set foot in your clinic. Our system has been proven to help you:

  • Reduce wait times by 80% with smart queuing
  • Earn 3x more reviews online with surveys
  • Register patients online in under 8 minutes

Plus, our reputation management is next-level, using AI to organize reviews and aggregate information about a particular clinic or specific staff (vs just the experience as a whole,) all from one dashboard.

Business Intelligence: While reporting gives you spreadsheets of information, business intelligence (BI) simplifies complex data and organizes it in a way that lets you take the right action fast. It truly provides the clearest, most helpful insights you need to make better business decisions. A few more things you may not know about BI:

  • It empowers individuals to be accountable for their own goals/metrics using their own dashboard views of the information that pertains to them
  • The data sets are interactive so you can quickly drill into more granular data to get more specifics around that area.
  • It lets you easily identify root causes(s) without multiple reports or hiring an analyst to interpret spreadsheets

Learn more about the differences between reporting and BI in this blog >>

RCM Services: Remove the complexities of billing, coding, payer contracts and compliance to not only get paid, but see improvements like:

  • < 6% A/R over 120 days
  • < 30 days DSO
  • $11-14 more per visit

Plus, our RCM team offers a free billing analysis that uncovers hidden opportunities to improve your revenue return. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you improve and retain a healthy revenue cycle.

Teleradiology: Our x-ray over-read services are not restricted to urgent care as this is one area where various arms of healthcare have the same need: fast, accurate results. Here are a few things our customers report experiencing:

  • Drastically lower discrepancy rates — our radiologists have a 99.97% accuracy rate
  • Happier patients who receive results so fast, sometimes reports arrive before the patient has left the room
  • Better efficiency because of the highly-responsive team working 365 days a year

Consulting Services: 99% of Experity’s urgent care consultation clients are still operating today because our consultants know the market and use real data to inform the smartest decisions for your specific business. With both startup and expansion consulting, you can get the right help with:

  • Expanding your footprint with new locations
  • Adding service lines to grow revenue
  • Everything you need to know for your startup to be the most profitable in the shortest amount of time

What Else Can You Expect From us?

As mentioned above, we keep our thumb on the pulse of the industry to help guide you through challenges, explain complex topics like coding, and share best practices. The thought leaders that contribute to our online content are true experts in their disciplines, and they’re passionate about educating our audience to be their best.

Read the bios of our leadership team >>

Advocacy and Advisory

That’s not all. Our experts are sincerely dedicated to helping customers solve problems and get the most out of their partnership with us. But communication doesn’t go one way. We have an advocacy program (The A List) for urgent care leaders to network, build their brands, and share their expertise. Many of our webinars feature customers who excel at the given topic. Our Customer Advisory Board also provides feedback we use to improve our products and stay ahead of the curve.

Urgent Care Connect Conference

If you are in urgent care, no matter whom you partner with for tech and consulting services, you belong at the most valuable conference in the industry — Urgent Care Connect. Each year, we focus on the topics that matter to you the most, and recruit experts to share their wisdom in information-packed sessions for all who work in urgent care. With a billing, clinical, and executive track — along with Experity-specific training — this Experity-hosted conference has something for everyone! (Not to mention a huge party and other entertainment to make sure fun is had by all.)

Check for the latest agenda, conference details, and early bird pricing by finding #UrgentCareConnect on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Or check out our event page >>

Interested in a Demo?

See for yourself what Experity can do for you. Request a demo and get a customized walk-through of our product(s) so we both can see how well we stack up against your current solution. We measure our success on our clients’ success. We would love a chance to show you why Experity is the right fit for urgent care.

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