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National Influenza Vaccination Week, December 8-14 is upon us, and it’s a great time to spread the word on how to avoid spreading the flu. Urgent care centers across the nation are already taking part in the week’s activities. In fact, we at Practice Velocity, the #1 rated EMR / EHR for urgent care, have made the rounds ensuring flu vaccines are available for free to every employee!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) developed National Influenza Vaccination Week to promote how important it is to get vaccinated for flu, particularly during the holiday season and beyond. Interestingly, the CDC has noticed in previous years that as the holidays approach, the number of flu vaccinations administered drops off; this week of recognition in December has been designated to raise awareness and the number of people vaccinated.

Even though National Influenza Vaccination Week is underway, your urgent care center can still get in on activities today! Here’s a short list of ideas:

  • • Offer no cost (or highly-discounted) flu shots for the week or a specific day: Spread the word on your website and social media. Also, send a quick press release to your local newspaper, television and radio with details. They will most likely run the information and possibly feature your clinic in a news story.
  • • Provide information sessions at your clinic: Share flu facts and ways to stay well, and encourage attendees to get their flu shot following the presentation.
  • • Host a holiday food drive in conjunction with free flu shots: Anyone who brings in 1 or 2 canned goods receives a free (or discounted) flu vaccination. Donate the food to a local food pantry.
  • • Share facts about the flu: Post daily about the topic on your social media outlets, and follow up with a call to action encouraging the public to come in for vaccinations.

Already participating? Share your urgent care center’s method of promoting National Influenza Vaccination Week with us by commenting below. Look forward to hearing your ideas!



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