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The Urgent Care Association of America, UCAOA, has announced the launch of The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine (JUCM).

The Journal will serve the rapidly-growing urgent care industry. As the official journal of the UCAOA. JUCM will offer a mix of practical, peer-reviewed clinical and practice management articles, focused specifically on the delivery of urgent care services. Lee Resnick, MD, will serve as the first Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine. Dr. Resnick is Medical Director of four urgent care centers in the University Hospitals Health System in Cleveland, OH, where he is the Director of the first Urgent Care Fellowship program in the country. The fellowship program is being offered at University Hospitals of Cleveland /Case School of Medicine, through the Department of Family Medicine and is funded by University Primary Care Practices (UPCP, Inc.). Dr. Resnick also is the Chairman of the Academic Committee of UCAOA.Dr. Resnick said, “JUCM will reflect the urgent care physician’s perspective, with articles written by urgent care physicians and specialists who understand our practice. We will supplement this unique clinical content with practical practice management tools, industry news, and coverage of legal issues in urgent care and UCAOA happenings. For the urgent care professional, this means no more sifting through other journals for information relevant to your practice. It’s all in one journal now.”

JUCM will be published in partnership with Braveheart Publishing, with over 30 years of medical publishing experience and expertise. Peter Murphy, former publisher of the Journal of the American Medical Association, (JAMA) and Stuart Williams, former publisher of Medical Economics magazine, spearhead Braveheart’s operation. The large UCAOA database of urgent care physicians ensures highly targeted distribution of Journal of Urgent Care Medicine to the urgent care industry.

The first issue of JUCM will appear in October 2006. Circulation will include physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants practicing urgent care medicine nationwide.

Physicians, physician assistants and nurse practicioners can click here to sign up for a free subscription to The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine.

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