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Addiction treatment has become a hot topic as more and more people find themselves looking for options to treat addiction. There are many ways to treat drug addictions; one of the more prevalent treatments is drug substitution, combined with other therapies and a focus on overall wellness. Suboxone treatments can be used to treat opioid addiction. With urgent care centers possessing a certain amount of agility to provide a larger scope of services, many operators are looking to these treatments as a way to drive more revenue into their centers.

National figures indicate that there are millions of people managing narcotic addictions and only 2% of physicians are properly licensed to provide suboxone treatment. Insurance coverage for these treatments is staggered and even when coverage is provided, it may be minimal. Many patients are forced to or opt to pay out of pocket for their addiction treatments, including prescription costs. With the high demand and pricing going largely unregulated, this allows for centers and physicians to set their own rates for the prescriptions and ancillary treatment services.

Careful consideration should be taken if pursuing suboxone treatment in the urgent care setting. It is recommended to establish the suboxone treatment practice as a separate entity from the urgent care. This would involve obtaining a new tax ID number, staff, marketing strategy and most importantly a separate space. The urgent care center should remain the focus of operational efforts, as it will continue to realize the bulk of the revenue. By offering service settings that are catered to both types of patients, center operations should run smoothly and provide for the convenient and discreet experience every patient will appreciate.

When it comes to additional revenue streams, it is important to consider the universal impact a new service offering may have on the existing operations.

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