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April 21, 2016 – Teleradiology Specialists and UrgentRad, two leading radiology companies, have merged to offer enhanced capabilities and services. In the coming months, the companies will unite under the name Teleradiology Specialists.

The merger brings together hundreds of affiliated radiologists to serve thousands of providers and practices across the United States. Both Teleradiology Specialists and UrgentRad are industry-leading providers of real-time x-ray and radiology readings to urgent care centers, physician practices, and ambulatory medical operations nationwide.

“We’re excited to leverage UrgentRad’s extensive experience in the urgent care field, as well as Executive Director Tim Hogan’s expertise in sales, operations and customer service,” said Glamaris Cohen, CEO of Teleradiology Specialists.

“UrgentRad’s clients will benefit from Teleradiology Specialists’ efficiencies in customer service, quality assurance, and improved turnaround times,” she added. “This partnership provides an excellent opportunity for growth in the urgent care field and other related markets.”

Teleradiology Specialists was founded in 2004; UrgentRad was founded in 2005. Both are physician-owned and employ all board-certified radiologists.

Benefits for existing UrgentRad customers include turnaround times on Stat cases of 30 minutes or less, simple workflow that displays all studies on a single worksheet, integration with leading EMR systems, and toll-free immediate access to trained support staff.

“This merger answers the question that we always asked ourselves at UrgentRad: How can we improve the quality of patient care? This merger does just that,” Hogan said. “Now with a deeper pool of well qualified radiologists, support staff, and enhanced workflow, the patient is the ultimate winner.”

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